93 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Cederroth Eye Wash Always close at hand! Sometimes you need more... In the event of a serious accident, prolonged rinsing with a large quantity of fluid is required. In workplaces where there is a high risk of accidents, several eye wash bottles should be available to complement non-portable eye washes. Cederroth Eye Wash Stations don’t take up much room and can easily be placed close by where there is a risk of accidents. Keeping the Eye Wash in its bracket means the bottle is stored in a specific location and everyone knows where it is.The bottle is locked into the Bracket and opens automatically when twisted out, which means it has to be used immediately. Cederroth Eye Wash Heated Cabinet This heated cabinet is intended for storing 2 bottles of eye wash (not included) in cold environ- ments.The cabinet keeps the temperature of the eye wash solution at 20°C in environments that go down to -20°C. Made of insulated, durable and chemically resistant EPP and has a themostat heating element made of aluminum. A5-7904 Each (Heated cabinet, sold without eye wash) Cederroth EyeWash Station The Cederroth eye wash station has been designed to fit 2 bottles of eye wash along with 2 bandage cartridges and spare supplies.The eye wash bottles are protected from dust and dirt with a transparent door with rubber gaskets. A5-7209 Each (Eye wash not included) A5-7215 Each (2 Eye wash bottles included) Cederroth Eye Wash Case This portable case holds 5 bottles of the Cederroth 500mL eye wash. Convenient for mobile working or during transportation to medical attention.This case can also be hung on the wall using a suitable bracket. A5-7255 Each (5x500mL Eye wash included) C d h E W h H d C