www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 92 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Cederroth Eye Wash When seconds count! Quick and easy to open It is vital that you start rinsing the eyes within a few seconds after the accident has occurred.That is why Cederroth Eye Wash opens at the same instant that you twist the bottle out of the wall bracket.That means you can start rinsing straight away! A separate bottle not stored in a wall bracket is just as easy to open – all you need to do is twist off the dust cover. Effective rinsing A sufficient flow of liquid is needed to rapidly dilute and rinse away hazardous substances in the eyes.The bottle is therefore shaped to ensure that the eye is rinsed with a generous flow without unnec- essary waste.At the same time, the eye cup has been designed to help keeping the eye open during the rinsing.That way the entire eye is rinsed quickly, efficiently and in an optimal way. Eye cup protected from dust The eye cup has been designed ergonomically with soft edges to make it comfortable to use.The liquid is directed towards the eye and then through the drainage holes.Also, the eye cup is equipped with a dust cover to ensure that it is always clean and fresh when you need to rinse your eyes. Neutralising effect Cederroth Eye Wash has a neutralising effect on splashes from acid (such as for example battery acid) and alkali (such as for example lye), at the same time as it dilutes and rinses.That way you stand a better chance of saving your eyes, compared to if you use a saline solotion.The neutralising effect is best before the acid/alkali has penetrated the eye deeply. Therefore it is important that you start rinsing the eyes straight away. Continue rinsing for a long period of time – at least 15 minutes if you have had corrosive substances in your eyes. Consult a doctor. Cederroth Eye Wash is proven to have a high neutralising capacity which brings quicker results than an ordinary saline solution. Twist and the bottle is open! Cederroth Eye Wash Bottle Cederroth eye wash bottles have been designed as single use bottles that discourages pilferage by featuring caps that cannot be put back on the bottle once removed. Contains sterile isotonic A5-7251A Each (500mL) A5-7221 Each (Pocket model, 235mL) A5-720300 Each (Holster for pocket model, eye A5-7200 Each (Wall Bracket) wash not included)