75 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Disinfectants & Antiseptics GLUTACIDE hard surface and Cold instrument disinfectant 9 Ready-to-use solution with mass spectrum microbial killing properties and surfactants. 9 For disinfection and cleansing of instruments and all hard surfaces such as countertops, equipment, and washroom fixtures. 9 Will not stain surfaces. 9 Contains a corrosion inhibitor. 9 Complete with a separate 450 mL (16 oz) empty bottle and sprayer for convenient and easy application. 9 Destroys microorganisms and dessicated spores for ten hours. 9 Is an effective bactericidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, pseudomonacidal, and sporicidal agent. 9 Is reuseable for up to 28 days. Product Code A4-690C 4 litre (1.1 gallon U.S.) POLYCIDE HARD SURFACE WIPES 9 Kills flu-causing germs on hard surfaces. 9 Will not harm wood, plastic, metal, or vinyl. 9 Powerful broad-spectrum germicidal wipes that clean, deodorize and disinfect all hard, non- porous surfaces such as computer keyboards, desktops, floors, walls, telephones, and laboratory fixtures. 9 Effective against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in addition to gram-positive and gram- negative bacteria. 9 Can be used in food manufacturing facilities. 9 Ideal for hospitals, health care facilities, first aid rooms, ambulances and other areas where avoidance of cross contamination is important. Product Code A4-689 160 wipes packaged in a convenient Dispenser Container KIT CARE DISINFECTANT DISPOSABLE SCRUB BRUSH 9 Internal sterilization solution contained in each package is effective in sterilization up to 99.9% of all bacterial and viral contaminates upon contact. 9 Packaged in an “Easy Open” sterile plastic package designed for individual use and easy application. 9 Based on the sterilization of the contents and the surgical packaging, the shelf life of the product is indefinite as long as the packaging remains intact. 9 Each Scrub Brush is designed to be used by the individual as a personal disinfectant, equipment disinfectant, and for use with the patient and/or trauma victim. 9 Each Scrub Brush comes with a sponge side and a scrub brush side, which will allow for the cleaning and disinfectant of any surface. Product Code A6-259 Kit Care Disinfectant Disposable Scrub Brush KIT CARE HAND CLEANSING TOWELETTES 9 Towelettes moistened with cleansing lotion. 9 Convenient when soap and water are unavailable. 9 Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, industry, institutions, and personal use. 9 Individually packaged in compact, single- use foil sachets. Product Code A4-639 12/PACK A4-636 100/PACK A4-640 1,000/CASE KIT CARE ALCOHOL PREP PADS 9 Non-woven pads saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 9 Antiseptic and antimicrobial for minor wound care and injection and IV site preparation. 9 Packaged in compact, single-use foil sachets. Product Code A4-641 10/UNIT BOX A4-642 20/UNIT BOX A4-600 100/BOX A4-600-200 200/BOX BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE (BZK) ANTISEPTIC TOWELETTES 9 For cleansing skin and minor wounds. 9 Ideal for cleansing caregiver’s hands prior to patient care. 9 Sting-free for sensitive skin areas. 9 Individually packaged in compact, single- use foil sachets. Product Code A4-609 12/UNIT BOX A4-617-200 100/BOX