As a Kit Care customer, you are entitled to all of the following services & more. KIT CAREVIDEO LIBRARY Check out our 50+ selection of video cassettes & DVDs covering a wide variety of health & safety topics. The best part is that this service is free to use! Kit Care Website The Kit Care website ( has been redesigned to keep you informed of unique products and services as they become available. Kit Care LifetimeWarranty Kit Care offers a LifetimeWarranty on all Wearable safety glass frames CallKeith Program Kit Care now provides, for the exclusive use of our valued customers, our own Professional Occupation Health & Safety Consultant. Kit Care Speaker Forum Kit Care provides, at no charge, speakers to talk to your staff about First Aid issues, SpillCare, FireCare, or any other service or product we offer. Book well in advance to take advantage of this unique offering Register with Kit Care today! Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 to register for some or all of our unique service offerings. Kit CareTraining There are numerous training courses offered by Kit Care including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, spill containment, defibrillators, oxygen, CPR, and First Aid usage. Kit Care Report Series We have a vast collection of reports spanning over 40 different health & safety topics. Each report contains valuable information and is yours to keep - for free! Kit Care Literature Kit Care is constantly creating new materials to help our customers with everything health & safety! Become familiar with our 4 tiers of safety: FireCare, EduCare, SpillCare, & FirstAidCare - all designed to create a safe work environment in an easy and simple way! Value Added Services IMPORTANT NOTICES © 2019 All rights reserved Published 2019 Second Edition This publication (including, without limitation, text, information, pictures and design), is the exclusive property of Kit Care Corporation™. It is illegal to use any part of this publica- tion, or to copy, reproduce, transmit, transform or store this publication in a retrieval system for commercial or financial gains, without first obtaining the prior written consent of Kit Care Corporation™. The name Kit Care Corporation™, Kit Care™, and the Kit Care Corporation™ logos are registered trademarks of Kit Care Corporation™.They are, and shall remain, the exclusive property of Kit Care Corporation™. It is illegal to use the name Kit Care Corporation™,“Kit Care™” and the Kit Care Corporation™ logos without first obtaining the prior written consent of Kit Care Corporation™. The information contained in this catalogue is subject to revision. Kit Care Corporation™ reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Some items may not be available for sale to all customers. Some products are subject to regulations for handling and transportation of hazardous products. Kit Care Corporation™ makes no guarantee of results, provides no warranty and assumes no obligation or liability with respect to the use of this information. In particular, this catalogue is not meant to provide medical, first aid, safety, spill or fire advice.Anyone intending to use suggestions contained in this publication should first verify that the product selected is suitable for the intended use. Some items are not suitable for all users. Many items contained in this catalogue are for use by trained personnel only. In all circumstances, a physician or other qualified medical caregiver should be consulted and manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. Manufacturers’ warranties are solely those of the manufacturers, unless otherwise specified. Kit Care Corporation™ assumes no liability for products manufactured by others. This publication is not a license to operate under, or intended to suggest infringement of any existing patent, copyright, or trademark. Printed in Canada.