www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 726 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Pipe Safety Markers ALCOHOL BOILER FEED CARBON DIOXIDE BACK WASH ARGON AMMONIA ACID AIR ACETYLENE GAS AIR Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl Pipe Markers • Durable pressure-sensitive vinyl pipe markers are an economical choice. • Meets ANSI Standard P10-A13.1-1996 • Withstands temperatures from -40ºF to 250ºF • All 25/pack, except 1” arrows in 18 yard rolls • Custom markers available The last letter of the Part Number denotes the colour. • B = Blue (Example: P10-A1011B) • G = Green (Example: P10-A1006G) • R = Red (Example: P10-A1100R) • Y = Yellow (Example: P10-A1002Y) CHLORINE COMPRESSED AIR CONDENSATE COLD WATER CITY W ATER CIRCULATING WATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER RET. CAUSTIC SODA CHILLED WATER SUPPLY DOMESTIC DRINKING WATER EXHAUST DRAIN DOMESTIC HOT WATER DOMESTIC COLD WATER DEIONIZED WATER DIESEL FUEL COOLING WATER DISTILLED WATER FUEL GAS HELIUM HIGH PRESSURE AIR HEATING GASOLINE FUEL OIL FILTERED WATER FIREAUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS FEED FIRE PROTECTION WATER ACETONE CONDENSATE RETURN P10-A1002Y P10-A1003Y P10-A1004Y P10-A1005Y P10-A1006G P10-A1009Y P10-A1010Y P10-A1011B P10-A1016Y P10-A1026Y P10-A1037Y P10-A1042Y P10-A1046G P10-A1047G P10-A1048G P10-A1049Y P10-A1051G P10-A1053G P10-A1056G P10-A1061G P10-A1062Y P10-B1002Y P10-B1003Y P10-B1004Y P10-B1005Y P10-B1006G P10-B1009Y P10-B1010Y P10-B1011B P10-B1016Y P10-B1026Y P10-B1037Y P10-B1042Y P10-B1046G P10-B1047G P10-B1048G P10-B1049Y P10-B1051G P10-B1053G P10-B1056G P10-B1061G P10-B1062Y P10-C1002Y P10-C1003Y P10-C1004Y P10-C1005Y P10-C1006G P10-C1009Y P10-C1010Y P10-C1011B P10-C1016Y P10-C1026Y P10-C1037Y P10-C1042Y P10-C1046G P10-C1047G P10-C1048G P10-C1049Y P10-C1051G P10-C1053G P10-C1056G P10-C1061G P10-C1062Y P10-A1064Y P10-A1072G P10-A1079Y P10-A1080Y P10-A1083G P10-A1084Y P10-A1085G P10-A1086Y P10-A1087G P10-A1089G P10-A1096Y P10-A1100R P10-A1104G P10-A1105R P10-A1107R P10-A1113Y P10-A1114Y P10-A1117Y P10-A1120Y P10-A1126B P10-A1128Y P10-B1064Y P10-B1072G P10-B1079Y P10-B1080Y P10-B1083G P10-B1084Y P10-B1085G P10-B1086Y P10-B1087G P10-B1089G P10-B1096Y P10-B1100R P10-B1104G P10-B1105R P10-B1107R P10-B1113Y P10-B1114Y P10-B1117Y P10-B1120Y P10-B1126B P10-B1128Y P10-C1064Y P10-C1072G P10-C1079Y P10-C1080Y P10-C1083G P10-C1084Y P10-C1085G P10-C1086Y P10-C1087G P10-C1089G P10-C1096Y P10-C1100R P10-C1104G P10-C1105R P10-C1107R P10-C1113Y P10-C1114Y P10-C1117Y P10-C1120Y P10-C1126B P10-C1128Y 25’to 50’ LEGEND WALL LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND LEGEND Recommended Pipe Marker placement... ... next to all valves or wall penetrations. ... next to changes in directions. ...every 25’to 50’intervals on straight runs. Part No. 2 1/4”x 14” 2 1/4”x 9” 1 ⅛”x 7” Part No. 2 1/4”x 14” 2 1/4”x 9” 1 ⅛”x 7”