www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 722 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Underground Safety Tapes The Defender Detectable Warning Tape Minimize field costs and time spent locating buried lines. • Made from 5 mil, triple layer lamination of aluminum foil core encased in 100% virgin polyethylene • APWA (American Public Works Association) color coded, legend specific longevity • Withstands temperatures from -94ºF to 200ºF for • Subsurface graphics permanently protected from soil acids and alkalis • Custom legends available The Informer Non-Detectable Warning Tape Go undetected while identifying buried lines • Made from 4 mil 100% virgin polyethylene • APWA (American Public Works Association) color coded, legend specific • Withstands temperatures from -35ºF through 190ºF for longevity •Tensile strength of 3650 psi • Custom Legends Available CAUTION: BURIED WATER LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED ELECTRIC LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED GAS LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED CATV LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED FORCE MAIN BELOW CAUTION: BURIED TELEPHONE LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED FIBER OPTIC LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED RECLAIMED WATER LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED STORM DRAIN LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED SEWER LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED IRRIGATION LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED NON-POTABLE LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIED POTABLE LINE BELOW CAUTION: BURIEDWATERLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDELECTRICLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDTELEPHONELINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDELECTRICLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDGASLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDCATVLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDFIBEROPTICLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDRECLAIMEDWATERLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDSTORMDRAINLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDSEWERLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDNON-POTABLEWATERLINEBELOW CAUTION: BURIEDPOTABLEWATERLINEBELOW P9-DT2BW P9-DT3BW P9-DT6BW P9-DT2BPW P9-DT3BPW P9-DT6BPW P9-DT2BNPW P9-DT3BNPW P9-DT6BNPW P9-DT2BIRR P9-DT3BIRR P9-DT6BIRR P9-DT2GS P9-DT3GS P9-DT6GS P9-DT2GSD P9-DT3GSD P9-DT6GSD P9-DT2PRW P9-DT3PRW P9-DT6PRW P9-DT2OFBO P9-DT3OFBO P9-DT6OFBO P9-DT2OCATV P9-DT3OCATV P9-DT6OCATV P9-DT2OTC P9-DT3OTC P9-DT6OTC P9-DT2YG P9-DT3YG P9-DT6YG P9-DT2BRFM P9-DT3BRFM P9-DT6BRFM P9-DT2RE P9-DT3RE P9-DT6RE P9-ND3BW P9-ND6BW P9-ND3BPW P9-ND6BPW P9-ND3BNPW P9-ND6BNPW P9-ND3GS P9-ND6GS P9-ND3GSD P9-ND6GSD P9-ND3PRW P9-ND6PRW P9-ND3OFBO P9-ND6OFBO P9-ND3OCATV P9-ND6OCATV P9-ND3OTC P9-ND6OTC P9-ND3YG P9-ND6YG P9-ND3YE P9-ND6YE P9-ND3RE P9-ND6RE 2”X1000’ 3”X1000’ 6”X1000’ 3”X1000’ 6”X1000’