721 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Pressure Sensitive Safety Tapes Marking Tape Floor Applicator Mark specifi fic areas and promote safety fast & easy. P9-FA100 For additional tapes, see pages: Anti-Slip: 488-489 Glow-In-The-Dark: 691 Barricade: 744-745 Pressure Sensitive: 746 Underground: 748 Pipe Marker: 752-753 • Stable, stand along design • Holds up to a 4”x 60 yd roll floor marking or a 4”x 50 yd roll pavement marking tape •T ape is applied quickly and easily with no awkward bending or stooping • Large wheel base ensures smooth placement of tape every time • Heavy duty construction stands up to years of constant use. • Minimum assembly required Stripe Safety Tapes Checkerboard Safety Tapes Black & Yellow 2”x18 yd. P9-T20218 Black & Yellow 2”x36 yd. P9-T20236 Black & Yellow 3”x18 yd. P9-T22018 Black & Yellow 3”x36 yd. P9-T22036 Magenta & Yellow 2”x18 yd. P9-T20718 Magenta & Yellow 2”x36 yd. P9-T20736 Black & White 2”x18 yd. P9-T20118 Black & White 2”x36 yd. P9-T20136 Black & White 3”x18 yd. P9-T22118 Black & White 3”x36 yd. P9-T22136 Red & White 2”x18 yd. P9-T20318 Red & White 2”x36 yd. P9-T20336 Red & White 3”x18 yd. P9-T22318 Red & White 3”x36 yd. P9-T22336 Blue & White 2”x18 yd. P9-T20418 Blue & White 2”x36 yd. P9-T20436 Blue & White 3”x18 yd. P9-T22418 Blue & White 3”x36 yd. P9-T22436 Orange & White 2”x18 yd. P9-T20918 Orange & White 2”x36 yd. P9-T20936 Orange & White 3”x18 yd. P9-T22918 Orange & White 3”x36 yd. P9-T22936 Green & White 2”x18 yd. P9-T20818 Green & White 2”x36 yd. P9-T20836 Green & White 3”x18 yd. P9-T22818 Green & White 3”x36 yd. P9-T22836 Black & Yellow 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20218 Black & Yellow 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20236 Black & White 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20118 Black & White 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20136 Red & White 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20318 Red & White 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20336 Blue & White 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20418 Blue & White 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20436 Orange & White 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20918 Orange & White 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20936 Green & White 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20818 Green & White 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20836 Magenta & Yellow 2”x18 yd. P9-CBT20718 Magenta & Yellow 2”x36 yd. P9-CBT20736