709 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Ergonomic & Radiation Signs • Poster illustrates proper body positioning derived from ANSI guidelines. • 24”x18” Ergonomics Signs SAFETY FIRST USE PROPER LIFTING TECHNIQUES THINK DON’TTRYTO LIFT MORETHANYOU ARE ABLE SAFETY FIRST BEND KNEES WHILE LIFTING PS 7X10 P2-SF112P PS 10X14 P2-SF112PB RP 7X10 P2-SF112R RP 10X14 P2-SF112RB PS 7X7 P2-S43P RP 7X7 P2-S43R PS 7X10 P2-TS119P PS 10X14 P2-TS119PB RP 7X10 P2-TS119R RP 10X14 P2-TS119RB PS 7X10 P2-SF134P PS 10X14 P2-SF134PB RP 7X10 P2-SF134R RP 10X14 P2-SF134RB Ergonomics Posters Post ergonomics safety principles throughout your workplace. • For additional Safety Posters See Page 597 • Poster illustrates proper tool section, body positioning and back injury prevention. • 36”x24” Radiation Hazards Signs CAUTION LASER INVISIBLE BEAM DANGER LASER OPERATING LASER HAZARD DANGER LASER CAUTION RADIATION AREA AUTHORIZED ENTRY ONLY PS 7X10 P2-M700P PS 10X14 P2-M700PB RP 7X10 P2-M700R RP 10X14 P2-M700RB PS 7X10 P2-R12P RP 7X10 P2-R12R AL 10X14 P2-R12AB RP 7X10 P2-D136R RP 10X14 P2-D136RB PS 7X7 P2-S67P RP 7X7 P2-S67R PS 7X10 P2-D169P PS 10X14 P2-D169PB RP 7X10 P2-D169R RP 10X14 P2-D169RB DANGER MICROWAVE OVEN PEOPLEWEARING PACEMAKERS SHOULD NOT ENTER BUILDING CAUTION MICROWAVE OVEN IN USE PS 7X10 P2-D408P PS 10X14 P2-D408PB RP 7X10 P2-D408R RP 10X14 P2-D408RB DANGER PACEMAKERWEARER DO NOT ENTERTHIS ROOM MICROWAVE OVENS IN USE PS 7X10 P2-D409P PS 10X14 P2-D409PB RP 7X10 P2-D409R RP 10X14 P2-D409RB RADIATION AREA PS 7X10 P2-R21P RP 7X10 P2-R21R RADIATION HAZARD PS 7X7 P2-S68P RP 7X7 P2-S68R PS 7X10 P2-C180P PS 10X14 P2-C180PB RP 7X10 P2-C180R RP 10X14 P2-C180RB A10-ESP1 A10-VDTP2 BEND KNEES WHILE LIFTING Lift and Bend (24”x20”) ProductCode:A10-734