69 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Specialty Bandages (B) TENSOPLAST™ LF ELASTIC ADHESIVE TAPES 9 Porous adhesive support bandages made of cotton and rayon fabric. 9 Provides full non-slip support, firm compression, and comfort with minimal stretch. 9 Uses include: prevention and treatment of strains, sprains, injured joints, and dislocations; control of effusion (leakage); support bandage to keep wound dressings in place. 9 Adhesive permits evaporation - even when the bandage is overlapped. 9 A central yellow line assists in proper application. All rolls are 4.5 m (5 yds) in length. Product Code A3-365C 1/PACK 5 cm (2”) A3-365D 12/BOX 5 cm (2”) A3-365E 1/PACK 7.5 cm (3”) A3-365F 12/BOX 7.5 cm (3”) A3-365G 1/PACK 10 cm (4”) A3-365H 12/BOX 10 cm (4”) KIT CARE ABSORBENT BALLS 9 General purpose absorbent rayon balls. 9 Medium sized. Product Code A3-353 100/bag A3-353A 300/BAG A3-353B 500/BAG KIT CARE ABSORBENT COTTON ROLL 9 For general medical and surgical applications. 9 Highly absorbant, latex free, non-sterile. Product Code A3-320 30 g (1 oz) A3-350 454 g (16 oz) (A) TENSOPLAST™ ELASTIC ADHESIVE TAPES 9 Flexible fabric tape made of extensible, comfortable, open-weave stretch fabric with a strong zinc oxide adhesive. 9 Used for dressing retention, as well as a support for fractures and sports injuries. 9 For maximum flexibility, strong support, and air circulation. All rolls are 4.5 m (5 yds) in length. Product Code A3-365 2.5 cm (1”) A3-365A 5 cm (2”) A3-365B 7.6 cm (3”) A B KIT CARE COTTON TIPPED APPLICATORS 9 Cotton swabs for general medical and surgical applications. 9 Single tipped, non-sterile, latex free. Product Code COTTON ON ONE END OF SWAB A3-X311 100/BAG 7.6 cm (3”) Cotton tipped applicators A3-311 100/PACK 7.6 cm (3”) Cotton tipped applicators IN PLASTIC CONTAINER A3-311A 100/PACK 15.2 cm (6”) Cotton tipped applicators A3-311B 100/PACK 15.2 cm (6”) wooden applicators only A3-311C 100/PACK 15.2 cm (6”) lice removal applicators KIT CARE TONGUE DEPRESSORS 9 High quality, smooth, and durable wood sticks made of white birch. 9 Uses include: assisting choking victims, splinting, and throat examinations. Product Code A3-265 1.6 cm x 14 cm (5/8” x 5-1/2”) 100/BOX A3-265A 1.9 cm x 15 cm (3/4” x 6”) 250/BOX A3-265B 1.9 cm x 15 cm (3/4” x 6”) 500/BOX A3-265W 1.9 cm x 15 cm (3/4” x 6”) 50/BOX Individually wrapped