695 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 DOT Vehicle Placards DANGEROUS DRIVE SAFELY HOT MARINE POLLUTANT PS P2-DL77P RP P2-DL77R PS P2-DL31P RP P2-DL31R PS P2-DL76P RP P2-DL76R PS P2-DL17P RP P2-DL17R 6 PG III POISON INHALATION HAZARD 6 TOXIC 6 INHALATION HAZARD 6 6 POISON ORGANIC PEROXIDE 5.2 5.1 OXIDIZER 9 CORROSIVE 8 RADIOACTIVE 7 PS P2-DL14P RP P2-DL14R PS P2-DL15P RP P2-DL15R PS P2-DL127P RP P2-DL127R PS P2-DL125P RP P2-DL125R PS P2-DL8P RP P2-DL8R PS P2-DL50P RP P2-DL50R PS P2-DL16P RP P2-DL16R PS P2-DL12P RP P2-DL12R PS P2-DL87P RP P2-DL87R PS P2-DL135P RP P2-DL135R Custom 4-Digit DOT Placards If you don’t see the placard here to meet your specific hazard identification needs, we can create a 4-digit DOT Placard for you. Simply specify the desired placard material and provide us with the hazard classification, hazard division, and 4-digit identification number and quantity. Keep in mind, if the placard is to be used on public roadways and railways, it must contain the proper combination of hazard classification, division and identification numbers per DOT specifications. 1 EXPLOSIVES 1.2B Part No. P2-DHM1 DOT Hazard Material Reference Wall Chart • Explains the classifications and divisions of hazardous materials per DOT regulations • Illustrates appropriate placards and examples of specific materials for each classification or division • UV screen printed on.010 tear-resistant modified polypropylene • 24”x30”