679 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Hazmat Machine Labels Machine Labels • 3”x5” pressure sensitive vinyl adheres to both smooth and rough surfaces • 5/pack • Additional Machine Labels See Pages 645-648 Employee Handbooks Equip your employees with basic concepts and knowledge about potential hazards. • 10/pack “Hazardous MaterialsTransportation: Hazmat Marking, Labeling & Placarding” “Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles” “Hazard Communication:The Road to Safety” CAUTION CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA WARNING CAUSTIC DANGER PROPANE GAS DANGER HOT SURFACE DO NOTTOUCH DANGER HOT DANGER GASOLINE CAUTION HOT DANGER FLAMMABLE DANGER DIESEL CAUTION HAZARDOUS MATERIAL STORAGE AREA WARNING FLAMMABLE WARNING Hot. DANGER Hot. NOTICE CYLINDERS MUST BE CHAINED AT ALLTIMES DANGER Flammable. DANGER Corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes. WARNING Hazardous materials storage area. WARNING Biological hazard. WARNING HOT DANGER Pinch points. Watch your hands. DANGER HAND HAZARD WA TC H YOUR FINGER WARNING KEEP HANDS CLEAR CAUTION Befor e cle aning or ser vicing dis connect powe r supplies. machine when unattended. NOTICE KEEP HA ND S CLEAR P5-WGA5AP P5-W13AP P5-C126AP P5-DGA3AP P5-N49AP P5-D127AP P5-W448AP P5-D40AP P5-D51AP P5-W428AP P5-WGA25AP P5-D559AP P5-D126AP P5-DGA15AP P5-C310AP P5-WGA15AP P5-DGA45AP P5-C35AP P5-D84AP A10-HB04 A10-HB11 A10-HB12