www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 678 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Hazmat Signs, Labels & Tags Accident Prevention Tags • .015 mil UnrippableVinyl • CustomTags & Grommets available 6”X3 1/4”¼ • 25/pk supplied with self locking fasteners • AdditionalTags See Pages 654-659 Walk On Floor Signs • 17” dia., made from durable vinyl with an anti-slip over-laminate • Additional Floor Signs See Pages 676-677 & 697 • Glow Part No. begin with P7-GW Hard Hat Emblems • 2” dia. Pressure SensitiveVinyl • Additional Hard Hat Emblems See Pages 662-663 • 25/PK DANGER DANGER FLAMMABLE MATERIAL FLAMMABLE MATERIAL CHEMICAL S T O R A G E A R E A H AZ MA T S Q U A D H A Z A R DOUSMAT E R I A L S M ANAGEMEN T RADIATION RADIATION SIGNED BY DATE SIGNED BY DATE DANGER DANGER UNSAFE DO NOT USE DO NOT REMOVETHISTAG SEE OTHER SIDE SIGNED BY DATE CAUTION R A D I AT I O N A R E A P6-RPT71 P6-RPT85 P6-RPT34 P7-WFS19 P7-GWFS19 P7-WFS22 Economical Double-Sided Floor Sign Reversible floor signs… simply fold over for a different message. • Constructed from a lightweight corrugated plastic, 20”X12” • Additional Floor Signs See Pages 673-675 CAUTION CAUTION CHEMICAL SPILL KEEP OUT HAZARDOUSAREA KEEP CLEAR P7-FS5 P5-HH44 P5-HH45 H A Z A R DOUSMAT E R I A L S M ANAGEMEN T