www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 674 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Hazmat Danger Signs DANGER CARBON MONOXIDE MAY BE PRESENT DANGER CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA CAUTION CHEMICAL GOGGLES REQUIRED INTHIS AREA CAUTION DANGER CAUSTIC WEAR PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT DANGER CAUSTIC DANGER BENZENE CARBON MONOXIDE MAY BE PRESENT CAUTION CANCER SUSPECT AGENT PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED CAUTION DANGER CADMIUM CANCER HAZARD CAN CAUSE LUNG AND KIDNEY DISEASE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY RESPIRATORS REQUIRED INTHIS AREA DANGER BURIED GAS LINE DANGER BENZENE - CANCER HAZARD FLAMMABLE NO SMOKING AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY RESPIRATOR REQUIRED DANGER ACETYLENE DANGER ARGON DANGER ANHYDROUS AMMONIA DANGER AMMONIA DANGER ACID WEAR PROPER PROTECTION DANGER ACID DANGER CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY DANGER COMPRESSED AIR DANGER COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS DANGER CHLORINE GAS CHLORINE AREA CAUTION DANGER CHLORINE DANGER COMPRESSED GAS DANGER CORROSIVE LIQUIDS WEAR PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT DANGER CORROSIVE LIQUIDS WEAR ACID GLOVES AND GOGGLES DANGER Corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. CORROSIVE DANGER CORROSIVE Hazardous Materials Waste Signs Hazard Communications • Post signs around your facility identifying hazardous material areas where chemicals are stored and used. • Custom Signs available PS 7X10 P2-D3P PS 10X14 P2-D3PB RP 7X10 P2-D3R RP 10X14 P2-D3RB PS 7X10 P2-D5P PS 10X14 P2-D5PB RP 7X10 P2-D5R RP 10X14 P2-D5RB AL 10X14 P2-D5AB PS 10X14 P2-D474PB RP 10X14 P2-D474RB AL 10X14 P2-D474AB PS 7X10 P2-D129P RP 7X10 P2-D129R RP 10X14 P2-D129RB PS 10X14 P2-D475PB RP 10X14 P2-D475RB AL 10X14 P2-D475AB PS 10X14 P2-D476PB RP 10X14 P2-D476RB AL 10X14 P2-D476AB PS 10X14 P2-D480PB RP 10X14 P2-D480RB AL 10X14 P2-D480AB RP 10X14 P2-D168RB AL 10X14 P2-D168AB RP 10X14 P2-D234RB AL 10X14 P2-D234AB FG 10X14 P2-D234EB PS 10X14 P2-D361PB RP 10X14 P2-D361RB PS 7X10 P2-C370P PS 10X14 P2-C370PB RP 7X10 P2-C370R PS 10X14 P2-C387PB RP 10X14 P2-C387RB AL 10X14 P2-C387AB PS 7X10 P2-D375P PS 10X14 P2-D375PB RP 7X10 P2-D375R RP 10X14 P2-D375RB PS 7X10 P2-D403P PS 10X14 P2-D403PB RP 7X10 P2-D403R RP 10X14 P2-D403RB PS 7X10 P2-D238P PS 10X14 P2-D238PB RP 7X10 P2-D238R RP 10X14 P2-D238RB RP 7X10 P2-C124R RP 10X14 P2-C124RB PS 7X10 P2-C126P PS 10X14 P2-C126PB RP 7X10 P2-C126R RP 10X14 P2-C126RB AL 10X14 P2-C126AB FG 10X14 P2-C126EB PS 7X10 P2-D239P PS 10X14 P2-D239PB RP 7X10 P2-D239R RP 10X14 P2-D239RB FG 10X14 P2-D239EB PS 7X10 P2-D240P PS 10X14 P2-D240PB RP 7X10 P2-D240R RP 10X14 P2-D240RB AL 10X14 P2-D240AB PS 7X10 P2-D15P PS 10X14 P2-D15PB RP 7X10 P2-D15R RP 10X14 P2-D15RB AL 10X14 P2-D15AB FG 10X14 P2-D15EB PS 7X10 P2-C371P PS 10X14 P2-C371PB RP 7X10 P2-C371R RP 10X14 P2-C371RB PS 10X14 P2-D484PB RP 10X14 P2-D484RB AL 10X14 P2-D484AB PS 7X10 P2-D241P PS 10X14 P2-D241PB PS 7X10 P2-D243P PS 10X14 P2-D243PB RP 10X14 P2-D243RB PS 7X10 P2-D245P RP 7X10 P2-D245R RP 10X14 P2-D245RB PS 7X10 P2-D251P PS 10X14 P2-D251PB RP 7X10 P2-D251R RP 10X14 P2-D251RB AL 10X14 P2-D251AB PS 7X7 P2-S63P RP 7X7 P2-S63R PS 10X7 P2-DGA3P PS 14X10 P2-DGA3PB RP 10X7 P2-DGA3R RP 14X10 P2-DGA3RB PS 10X14 P2-D494PB RP 10X14 P2-D494RB AL 10X14 P2-D494AB PS 7X10 P2-D424P PS 10X14 P2-D424PB RP 7X10 P2-D424R RP 10X14 P2-D424RB AL 10X14 P2-D424AB FG 10X14 P2-D424EB