www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 638 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 DOT Shipping Labels DOT Shipping Labels Apply proper labels onto the outside of pack- ing and containers identifying the appropriate hazard. • 4”x4” P/S vinyl – 25/pack = AP • 4”x4” P/S paper – 500/roll = AL P8-DL44AP P8-DL96AP P8-DL20AP P8-DL88AP P8-DL155AP P8-DL90AP P8-DL43AP P8-DL43AL P8-DL93AP P8-DL6AP P8-DL6AL P8-DL105AP P8-DL7AP P8-DL45AP P8-DL2AP P8-DL2AL P8-DL9AP P8-DL4AP P8-DL4AL P8-DL133AP P8-DL126AP P8-DL126AL P8-DL157AP P8-DL100AP 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.3 F 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.2 C 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.1 A EXPLOSIVE 1.6 N 1 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.2 B FLAMMABLE 3 FUEL OIL 3 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.4 B 1 GASOLINE 3 COMBUSTIBLE 3 FLAMMABLE LIQUID 3 BLASTING AGENTS 1.5 D 1 1 EXPLOSIVE 1.3 C TOXIC GAS 2 TOXIC GAS 2 OXYGEN 2 2 NON-FLAMMABLE GAS 2 INHALATION HAZARD FLAMMABLE GAS 2 Custom DOT Shipping Labels If you don’t see the label here to meet your specific hazard identification needs, we can create a DOT Shipping Label for you. Simply provide us with the hazard classification, hazard division, and quantity. Keep in mind, if the shipping label is to be used on public roadways and railways, it must contain the proper combination of hazard classification, division and identification numbers per DOT specifications. P8-DL158AP 1 EXPLOSIVES 1.2B