635 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Inspection Labels & Tags Erasable Dry Marker For use when information needs to be changed frequently. Simply wipe off what you no longer need and write in new data. Vinyl Penetrating Ink Marker • Water-resistant • Permanent ink Write-On Inspection Labels • 1”x2 ¼” Pressure-SensitiveVinyl • 27/pack Self-Laminating Tags Personalize your tags with specifi fic safety information and instructions, peel away liner and seal over-laminate onto tag to protect message. • Made from .015 unrippable vinyl • 6”x 3 ¼” tags feature a polyester over-laminate • Grommets and self-locking fasteners included • 10/pack Laminated Tags Ideal tag for the toughest abusive, dirty and grease environments. • Made from .015 unrippable vinyl • 6”x3 ¼”tags feature durable overlaminate protects graphics • Grommets and self-locking nylon • 25/pack fasteners included ACCEPTED DATE INITIALS DO NOT OPERATE DANGER SIGNED BY PHONE DATE DANGER DO NOT REMOVETHISTAG SEE OTHER SIDE Remarks DANGER DO NOT REMOVETHISTAG SEE OTHER SIDE Remarks DO NOT OPERATE DANGER Do not remove this lock. It is here to protect my life. Dept. Name PLACE PHOTO HERE DO NOT OPERATE DANGER NAME EXPECTEDCOMPLETION DEPT DANGER Thisenergysourcehas beenLOCKEDOUT! Only the individual who signed the reverse side may remove this tag. Remarks: This lock/tag may only be removed by: CALIBRATED BY DATE DUE CALIBRATED BY DATE DUE CERTIFICATION BY DUE DATE DO NOT USE AFTER INSPECTED DATE INITIALS MAINTENANCE BY DATE QA APPROVED BY DATE REJECTED BY DATE REASON REPAIRED BY INITIALS DATE TESTED DATE INITIALS P5-INL1 P5-INL2 P5-INL3 P5-INL5 P5-INL4 P5-INL7 P5-INL9 P5-INL6 P5-INL8 P5-INL10 P5-INL11 P6-LPT21 P6-OLPT22 P6-OLPT20 P6-VP1 P6-VP2 Part No. Qty. P6-VP1 & P6-VP2 Each