621 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Pictorial Safety Machine Labels CAUTION This unit has more than one power source. DANGER Electrical hazard. DANGER High voltage. EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF ELECTRICAL POWER SHUT-OFF LOCK-OUT HERE LOCK-OUT POINT MAIN DISCONNECT DANGER 120 volts. DANGER 110 volts. DANGER ___ volts. DANGER testatmosphere beforeentering. DANGER space. Enter by permit. DANGER 480 volts. DANGER 220 volts. DANGER Cut/sever hazard. DANGER Flammable. DANGER Electrical hazard. DANGER Do not watch arc. DANGER Do not climb, sit, walk, or ride on conveyor. DANGER Disconnect before servicing. DANGER Corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes. DANGER High voltage. DANGER No smoking. DANGER Lock out equipment before servicing. DANGER Keep hands clear when equipment is running. DANGER Keep away from machinery. DANGER Hot. DANGER Hard hat area. DANGER Non-potable water. DANGER Wear face shield when using this equipment. DANGER Thisunit hasmore thanone powersource. DANGER Respirator required. DANGER Pinch points. Watch your hands. DANGER Pinch points. DANGER No smoking, matches or CAUTION Beforecleaning orservicing disconnect powersupplies. CAUTION Safety gloves required. CAUTION Hearing protection required. CAUTION Follow lockout procedures. CAUTION Eye protection required. CAUTION Donotoperate without guardsin place. CAUTION CAUTION Watch your step. WARNING Hot. WARNING Hazardous materials storage area. WARNING Electrical hazard. Do not touch. WARNING Biological hazard. WARNING CAUTION This unit has more than one power source. WARNING Thismachine starts automatically. Keephandsclear. machine when unattended. NOTICE NOTICE WARNING Use static grounding devices. WARNING Pinch points. Dial911 incaseof emergency. SAFETYFIRST Lock out all power sources. SAFETYFIRST Keep hands clear when equipment is running. SAFETYFIRST Keep area clean. SAFETYFIRST SAFETYFIRST Remember wear safety equipment. SAFETYFIRST LOCK-OUT HERE EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF ELECTRICAL POWER SHUT-OFF Read instructions beforeusing thisequipment. SAFETYFIRST DANGER This water is safe to drink. NOTICE Lock out equipment before servicing. SAFETYFIRST LOCK-OUT POINT Wash hands before returning to work. NOTICE Read directions before using this machine. SAFETYFIRST MAIN DISCONNECT P5-DGA31AP P5-DGA30AP P5-DGA29AP P5-DGA28AP P5-DGA36AP P5-DGA21AP P5-DGA33AP P5-DGA32AP P5-DGA23AP P5-DGA15AP P5-DGA3AP P5-DGA22AP P5-DGA8AP P5-GLDGA8AP P5-DGA12AP P5-DGA24AP P5-DGA45AP P5-DGA20AP P5-DGA2AP P5-DGA10AP P5-GLDGA10AP P5-DGA18AP P5-DGA47AP P5-DGA25AP P5-DGA54AP P5-DGA27AP P5-DGA6AP P5-DGA5AP P5-DGA56AP P5-DGA26AP P5-DGA19AP P5-CGA6AP P5-CGA8AP P5-CGA20AP P5-CGA15AP P5-CGA5AP P5-CGA4AP P5-CGA10AP P5-WGA20AP P5-WGA25AP P5-CGA16AP P5-GLCGA16AP P5-CGA12AP P5-WGA15AP P5-WGA22AP P5-WGA5AP P5-WGA16AP P5-NGA7AP P5-WGA32AP P5-WGA1AP P5-NGA8AP P5-NGA13AP P5-NGA15AP P5-SGA2AP P5-SGA10AP P5-SGA4AP P5-SGA1AP P5-SGA8AP P5-SGA3AP P5-SGA5AP P5-EPA1AP P5-GLEPA1AP P5-EPA5AP P5-GLEPA5AP P5-SGA6AP P5-SGA7AP P5-EPA4AP P5-GLEPA4AP P5-EPA3AP P5-GLEPA3AP P5-EPA2AP P5-GLEPA2AP Graphic Safety Machine Labels • 3x5 PSVinyl semi-gloss finish • Adheres to both smooth and rough surfaces • Perfect size to fit on or near your equipment • Pack of 5