573 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Danger Safety Signs DANGER CARBON MONOXIDE MAY BE PRESENT DANGER CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY DANGER CHEMICAL STORAGE AREA DANGER CAUSTIC WEAR PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT DANGER CAUSTIC OVERHEAD DANGER CAUSTIC PS 7X10 P2-D375P PS 10X14 P2-D375PB RP 7X10 P2-D375R RP 10X14 P2-D375RB PS 7X10 P2-D240P PS 10X14 P2-D240PB RP 7X10 P2-D240R RP 10X14 P2-D240RB AL 10X14 P2-D240AB PS 7X10 P2-D239P PS 10X14 P2-D239PB RP 7X10 P2-D239R RP 10X14 P2-D239RB FG 10X14 P2-D239EB PS 7X10 P2-D238P PS 10X14 P2-D238PB RP 7X10 P2-D238R RP 10X14 P2-D238RB PS 10X14 P2-D483PB RP 10X14 P2-D483RB AL 10X14 P2-D483AB PS 7X10 P2-D403P PS 10X14 P2-D403PB RP 7X10 P2-D403R RP 10X14 P2-D403RB DANGER CHLORINE DANGER COMPRESSED AIR DANGER COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS DANGER CLOSE CLEARANCE DANGER CHOCKWHEELS BEFORE LOADING OR UNLOADING DANGER CHLORINE GAS PS 7X10 P2-D15P PS 10X14 P2-D15PB RP 7X10 P2-D15R RP 10X14 P2-D15RB AL 10X14 P2-D15AB FG 10X14 P2-D15EB PS 7X10 P2-D243P PS 10X14 P2-D243PB RP 10X14 P2-D243RB PS 7X10 P2-D241P PS 10X14 P2-D241PB PS 10X14 P2-D423PB RP 10X14 P2-D423RB AL 10X14 P2-D423AB PS 10X14 P2-D485PB RP 10X14 P2-D485RB AL 10X14 P2-D485AB PS 10X14 P2-D484PB RP 10X14 P2-D484RB AL 10X14 P2-D484AB DANGER COMPRESSED AIR DO NOT USE FOR BLOWING OFF CLOTHES DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTER BY PERMIT ONLY DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTER ALLTANKS BY PERMIT ONLY DANGER CONFINED SPACE DO NOT ENTER DANGER CONFINED SPACE DANGER COMPRESSED GAS PS 10X14 P2-D486PB RP 10X14 P2-D486RB AL 10X14 P2-D486AB PS 7X10 P2-D162P PS 10X14 P2-D162PB RP 7X10 P2-D162R RP 10X14 P2-D162RB AL 10X14 P2-D162AB FG 10X14 P2-D162EB PS 7X10 P2-D382P PS 10X14 P2-D382PB PS 7X10 P2-D383P RP 10X14 P2-D383RB AL 10X14 P2-D383AB FG 10X14 P2-D383EB PS 10X14 P2-D487PB RP 10X14 P2-D487RB AL 10X14 P2-D487AB FG 10X14 P2-D487EB PS 7X10 P2-D245P RP 7X10 P2-D245R RP 10X14 P2-D245RB DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTRY BY PERMIT ONLY ENTRY BYTRAINED PERSONNEL ONLY DO IT SAFELY ! 1. Permission Get written permit from your certified supervisor 2. Preparation Lock out power feeds Shut off heating system if needed Drain if needed Vent vapors if needed Post“WORKER IN CONFINED SPACE”signs 3. Isolation Disconnect fill and drain lines if needed 4. Ventilation Force air to bottom of Confined Space and vent to outside 5. Check air inside Confined Space At least 19.5% oxygen No more than 23.5% oxygen Check for explosive limit 0% LEL Check toxic vapors if needed 6. Protect yourself Wear gloves,and other safety clothing Put on harness and lifeline Continuously monitor the air 7. Rescue backup Observer with auxiliary air supply standing by before you enter and until you exit, SAFELY 8. In case of emergency call Plant Protection DANGER CONFINED SPACE HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERE AIR-SUPPLIED RESPIRATOR REQUIRED FOR ENTRY DANGER CONFINED SPACE HAZARDOUS AREA UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL KEEP OUT DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTRY PERMIT REQUIRED NO. ___________ DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTRY PERMIT NOT REQUIRED DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTRY CAN BE FATAL ENTER BY PERMIT ONLY PS 10X7 P2-D167P PS 14X10 P2-D167PB PS 10X14 P2-D489PB RP 10X14 P2-D489RB AL 10X14 P2-D489AB PS 7X10 P2-D374P RP 10X14 P2-D374RB AL 10X14 P2-D374AB PS 10X14 P2-D488PB RP 10X14 P2-D488RB AL 10X14 P2-D488AB PS 7X10 P2-D373P PS 10X14 P2-D373PB RP 10X14 P2-D373RB PS 7X10 P2-D371P PS 10X14 P2-D371PB DANGER CONFINED SPACE HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERE CHECK OXYGEN LEVEL BEFORE AND DURING ENTRY DANGER CONSTRUCTION AREA DANGER CONFINED SPACE KEEP OUT DANGER CONFINED SPACE HAZARDOUS ATMOSPHERE ENTER BY PERMIT ONLY PS 7X10 P2-D246P PS 10X14 P2-D246PB RP 7X10 P2-D246R RP 10X14 P2-D246RB PS 7X10 P2-D132P PS 10X14 P2-D132PB RP 7X10 P2-D132R RP 10X14 P2-D132RB AL 10X14 P2-D132AB FG 10X14 P2-D132EB PS 7X10 P2-D372P PS 10X14 P2-D372PB RP 7X10 P2-D372R RP 10X14 P2-D372RB AL 10X14 P2-D372AB PS 10X7 P2-D163P RP 10X7 P2-D163R RP 14X10 P2-D163RB