551 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Cans TYPE I & II SAFETY CANS FEATURES T ype I Safety Cans Galvanized Type I cans meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements Type I cans are UL and ULC listed and FM approved for safe handling and storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids Cans feature environmentally friendly Lead Free Technology Constructed of 24-gauge hot dipped galvanized steel HDPE & Stainless T ype I Polyethylene Safety Cans Impervious to many liquid chemicals, acids, caustics, solvents and corrosives Help reduce the danger of explosions High density polyethylene cans are dent and puncture resistant and feature corrosion resistant stainless steel fittings T ype II Galvanized Steel Safety Cans Safety cans feature two openings, one with a pressure-relief spring closing lid for filling, one with an actuated pour valve with a flexible metal spout for safer controlled dispensing Filler spout and flame arrestors in both openings are non-sparking brass designed for flashback protection Cans are FM, UL and ULC approved and meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements TYPE I SAFETY CANS CAPACITY DIMENSIONS W/O FUNNEL W/FUNNEL WEIGHT 1 QUART 5 1/4" X 8" N7-UI-2-S - 1.96 LBS. 2 QUARTS 6 3/4" X 8 3/4" N7-UI-4-S - 2.59 LBS. 1 GALLON 9" X 8" N7-UI-10-S N7-UI-10-FS 3.52 LBS. 2 GALLONS 11 1/4" X 9 1/2" N7-UI-20-S N7-UI-20-FS 5.25 LBS. 5 GALLONS 12 1/2" X 13 1/2" N7-UI-50-S N7-UI-50-FS 7.00 LBS. THE ABOVE CANS ARE AVAILABLE IN BLUE FOR THE STORAGE OF KEROSENE AND YELLOW FOR THE STORAGE OF DIESEL. WHEN ORDERING, ADD A „B‰ OR „Y‰ AT THE END OF THE MODEL NUMBER. UL, ULC AND FM APPROVED. MODEL# N7-UI-50-SY MODEL# N7-UI-50-SB MODEL# N7-UI-50-S MODEL# N7-1543 MODEL# N7-1537 MODEL# N7-1535 MODEL# N7-1535 MODEL# N7-1313 MODEL# N7-1315 MODEL# N7-UI-20-FS MODEL# N7-U2-51-S TYPE II CAN MODEL# N7-U2-26-S TYPE II CAN TYPE II CAPACITY DIMENSIONS 7/8" SPOUT 5/8" SPOUT WEIGHT 2 GALLONS 11 1/4" X 9 1/2" N7-U2-26-S N7-U2-26-SX5 8 LBS. 5 GALLONS 12 1/2" X 13 1/2" N7-U2-51-S N7-U2-51-SX5 10 LBS. UL AND FM APPROVED. TYPE I STAINLESS STEEL CANS T H G I E W L E D O M S N O I S N E M I D Y T I C A P A C . S B L 8 3 1 3 N7-1 " 8 / 5 9 X " 4 / 1 1 1 S N O L L A G 2 / 1 2 . S B L 0 1 5 1 3 N7-1 " 8 / 7 5 1 X " 4 / 1 1 1 S N O L L A G 5 FM APPROVED. TYPE I POL Y LAB CANS T H G I E W D E R E T I H W S N O I S N E M I D Y T I C A P A C 3 GALLONS 12 1/2" X 13" N7-1535 N7-1537 6 LBS. 5 GALLONS 12 1/2" X 17" N7-1541 N7-1543 7 LBS. FM APPROVED. MODEL# N7-UI-2-S MODEL# N7-UI-10-S MODEL# N7-UI-4-S LISTED FM