541 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Storage Cabinets MANUAL CLOSING 2-DOOR MODEL # N7-1947 SELF CLOSING 2-DOOR MODEL # N7-4510 SELF CLOSING SLIDING DOOR MODEL # N7-1945 30 AND 45 GALLON ONLY DOOR STYLES INDUSTRY-LEADING SAFETY CABINETS Ground Connection 4 Adjustable Galvanized Leveling Legs 2" Raised Leakproof Sill Tri-lingual Warning Labels 2" Vent with Fire Baffle and Cap FEATURES Cabinets are available from 4 gallons to 120 gallons Cabinets are available in 3 door styles 2 door manual close Industrial self latching lever handle 2 door self-closing, self latching with hydraulically operated doors with fusible links Meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 Specifications Self-closing models meet UFC 79 Many cabinets are FM Approved Cabinets are available in the following colors: Red Yellow Blue Green Gray Beige White Internal and External Welded Construction Three Point Key Lock Adjustable Galvanized Steel Shelves Hold 350 lbs. Manual Self Closing doors are Self Latching 2" Vent with Fire Baffle and Cap Continuous Piano Hinge Reinforced Double Wall Construction with 1 1/2" Air Space on Sides, Top, Bottom and Doors Lead-free High Gloss Baked-on Powder Finish Flammable Liquids (23½”x18¾”) ProductCode:A10-914