www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 538 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Gas Safety Storage Cabinets LP AND OXYGEN GAS CYLINDERS CABINETS FOR STORING LP AND OXYGEN GAS CYLINDERS MODEL # N7-OG20 Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D) (65 x 60 x 32)‰ FEATURES These heavy gauge aluminum gas cylinder cabinets provide significant advantages over conventional painted steel models Designed for outdoor storage, these all alu- minum cabinets will resist weathering and won’t corrode or discolor Just 1/3 the weight of painted steel units, the aluminum models also offer real savings on shipping charges All welded construction, ready to use, shipped fully assembled These cabinets will provide years of tamper resistant storage for your LP and Oxygen gas cylinders Meets OSHA SubPart 1910.110 requirements and NFPA 58-113 standards or CSA B149.2. CUSTOM AND STAINLESS STEEL MODELS MODEL TEST LAB DESCRIPTION CAPACITIES EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS SHIPPING WGT NO. APPROVAL APPROX. (HXWXD) IN. APPROX. (LBS.) N7-LP4 * 4 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD DOOR 4/20, 33 OR 43 LB. CYLINDERS 33 X 30 X 32 76 N7-LP6 * 6 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD DOOR 6/20, 33 OR 43 LB. CYLINDERS 33 X 43 X 32 87 N7-LP8 * 8 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD DOOR 8/20, 33 OR 43 LB. CYLINDERS 65 X 30 X 32 117 N7-LP12 * 12 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD 2-DOOR 12/20, 33 OR 43 LB. CYLINDERS 65 X 43 X 32 126 N7-LP16 * 16 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD 2-DOOR 16/20, 33 OR 43 LB. CYLINDERS 65 X 60 X 32 204 N7-OG10 * 5-10 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD DOOR OXYGEN, GAS CYLINDERS 65 X 33 X 32 93 N7-OG20 * 10-20 CYL. VERTICAL STANDARD 2-DOOR OXYGEN, GAS CYLINDERS 56 X 66 X 32 177 2 3 X 0 6 X 5 6 N O I T C U R T S N O C M U N I M U L A E G U A G Y V A E H , D E D L E W L L A FEATURES Cabinets can be constructed to comply with both NFPA and OSHA regulations Cabinets can be made in almost any size or shape; example: To fit under hoods, on top of counters, free standing or wall mounted Select your optional equipment: doors, shelves, color or wording, kick recess and vents Cabinets can be made for the storage of flammables, acids, oxidizers, water reactive chemicals, hazardous waste, poisons etc. Kit Care also offers low contaminant stainless steel cabinets for storage in controlled environment applications Constructed of 18 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel Let us help you design an all steel cabinet to meet your specific needs! MODEL # N7-LP8 Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D) (65 x 30 x 32)‰ *Meets OSHA Subpart 1910.110 requirements and NFPA 58-113 standards or Canadian Standards Association CSA B149.2 .