www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 532 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Storage Cabinets FEATURES Finished in Two Coats of Epoxy Enamel 3-Points Self-Latching Doors Reinforced 18 Gauge All Welded Construction Galvanized Steel Shelves Adjustable On Half Inch Centers Adjustable Zinc Plated Leveling Legs Continuous Piano Hinge Double Wall Construction with 1 1/2" Air Space Flush mounted locking handle Static Ground Connections Leak Proof Sill 2" Deep, Prevents Leakage in the Event of Accidental Spills Two 2” Vents with Flash Arrestors Large Warning Label DOOR STYLES Improved self–latching doors employ spring latches for easier and safer closing DESIGN FEATURES Self-closing and Self-latching Sliding Door, with fusible link Spring loaded with hydraulic cylinder for smooth and safe operation Cabinet automatically closes after each use Fusible link allows door to be latched open for easy access, in case of fire or high tempera- ture (165°F), link melts and door automatically slides closed. Standard Self-latching T wo Door Manual Closing Doors Self-closing and Self-latching Safe T Door When cabinet is opened, fusible links can be engaged to hold doors in the open position In case of fire or high temperature (165°F), the links melt and the doors automatically close and latch to protect contents of cabinet Hydraulically operated doors open to a full 180° to prevent aisle obstruction Available In Styles And Capacities To Suit Your Needs . . . For Business, Industry And Institutions Comply With OSHA Regulations Designed In Accordance With The Standards Of NFPA Code 30 Meet Specifications For Factory Mutual Approval Flush mounted locking handle provides obstruction free finger tip operation PREMIUM QUALITY SAFETY CABINETS