527 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Fire Alarm Protection Similar Models Available • Piercing 95 or 105 dB siren draws attention in a hurry • Does not restrict legitimate access in any way • Available in red, yellow, blue or green • Horn powered by 9 VDC alkaline battery (included) • Flush or surface mount - easy installation • Remote power and relay output capability • Fits all manual pull stations (may need spacer) • Lifetime guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate housing in normal use (one year on electronics) N6-STI-3150 with N6-SS-2000F WEATHER STOPPER Flush Mount Surface Mount N6-STI-1250 N6-STI-3150 WEATHER STOPPER ® Weather gasket included for use outdoors. Can increase lifespan of pull stations, etc. exposed to the weather. Available in green, blue, yellow or red. N6-STI-1100 STOPPER II FOR OUTDOOR USE Flush Mount with Horn and Gasket Outdoor Rated N6-STI-1150 Surface Mount with Horn and Gasket Outdoor Rated N6-STI-1155 N6-STI-6600 with N6-SS-2000F MINI STOPPER ® II Helps stop false fire alarms for smaller pull stations. Plus protects push buttons. Available in green, blue, yellow or red. MINI STOPPER II With Horn N6-STI-6600 Without Horn N6-STI-6540 N6-STI-6500 with N6-SS-2104X MINI STOPPER ® MINI STOPPER N6-STI-6500 A real workhorse! Protects and extends the life of everything from keypads to shutoff buttons. MINI WEATHER STOPPER Flush Mount Surface Mount N6-STI-6525 N6-STI-6535 N6-STI-6535-B with N6-SS-2400 Provides the same protection as Weather Stopper to a wide range of smaller sized units. Available in green, blue, yellow or red. MINI WEATHER STOPPER ® ADA Compliant Proven in use in virtually every kind of public building around the world, Stopper II protective cover can dramatically reduce or eliminate false fire alarms. It provides this great protection without restricting legitimate alarms. Stopper II is ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, airports, nursing homes, hotels/motels, correctional facilities, stores, malls, factories; you name it. The device consists of a clear, tamperproof polycarbonate shield that fits over the manual pull station. When lifted to gain access to the actual alarm, it sounds a piercing warning horn. Immediate attention is drawn to the area, and a prankster will either run or be caught. NEMA 3R ADA Compliant DID YOU KNOW...Stopper II has been helping stop false fire alarms around the world for more than 25 years? STOPPER II HEATED ENCLOSURE Allows addressable dual monitor modules to be installed inside or outside in temperatures below UL listing limits (down to -70°F, -57°C) or in other NEMA 3R environments. STOPPER II HEATED ENCLOSURE N6-STI-1200A-HTR N6-STI-1200A-HTR FOR INDOOR USE With Horn N6-STI-1100 - Flush N6-STI-1130 - Surface Without Horn N6-STI-1200 - Flush N6-STI-1230 - Surface ADA Compliant (Outdoor models) ADA Compliant ADA Compliant ADA Compliant Stopping False Fire Alarms with Stopper® II World's #1 False Fire Alarm Fighter Not responsible for typographical errors.