517 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Fire Protection Log Books A10-299 A10-298A KIT CARE FIRE PROTECTION LOG BOOKS A10-298A FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT LOG is a 2 YEAR Log for recording Maintenance – Inspections – Tests – Repairs, etc. Complete with sections covering: • Emergency Power Generator • Fire Extinguishes • Emergency Lighting • Fire Alarms • Voice Communication • Standpipe System • Fire Fighters Elevators • Sprinklers PART# DESCRIPTION A10-298A Fire Protection Equipment Log ENGLISH A10-299 is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER LOG BOOK for recording monthly inspections, annual maintenance and recharges. These coil bound books (plastic covers) have the capacity to record up to 900 Extinguishes for 1 year or can be used for a number of years if fewer units are logged. Contains information pertaining to classes of fire and current Fire Extinguisher regulations. Fulfills requirements of current fire code. PART# DESCRIPTION A10-299 Fire Log Book- ENGLISH KIT CARE EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE #A10-705 EQUIPMENT ALL BOOKS ON THIS PAGE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN FRENCH MAINTENANCE LOG BOOK This log book is for recording Equipment Maintenance. It can be used for virtually any piece of equipment to keep track of daily maintenance and repairs. Can be used to track the following information: • Date • Time • Equipment Adjustment or Repair • Signature PART# DESCRIPTION A10-705 Equipment Log Book - ENGLISH Hard Cover Bound with Numbered Pages Very User Friendly A10-705