513 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Fire Extinguishers & Brackets A WOOD•TRASH•PAPER A WOOD•TRASH•PAPER VEHICLE BRACKETS– Proven welded steel construction with catch pin to keep bracket from vibrating open. Pin must be pulled prior to extinguisher removal. UNIVERSAL SPRING CLIP BRACKETS– Economic Value, Dichromate Plating, Heavy Gauge Wire PUMP TANK – Retractable foot hold, improved pump construction, large, easy to grasp handle, tough lightweight polyethylene tank, unique sealing at seams, clog proof, corrosion free 2 IMP . GAL. 9.5 LITRES PRESSURIZED WATER STAINLESS STEEL CYLINDER WATER PUMP TANK POL YETHYLENE MODEL RATING RANGE DISCHARGE HEIGHT WIDTH DIAMETER FT. (CAPACITY) (INCHES) (INCHES) (INCHES) N1-PT 2A 45 - 50 2 24 9.25 5.5 MODEL RATING RANGE DISCHARGE HEIGHT WIDTH DIAMETER FT. TIME (SECS) (INCHES) (INCHES) (INCHES) N1-PW 2A 44 - 55 60 25.5 8 7 WATER EXTINGUISHERS HEAVY DUTY / UNIVERSAL MODEL DESCRIPTION – HEAVY DUTY N3-VB-4 RUNNING BD. BCKT FOR 4‰-4 1/2‰ DIA. SHELLS N3-VB-5 RUNNING BD. BCKT FOR 4 3/4‰-5 1/4‰ DIA. SHELLS N3-VB-6 RUNNING BD.BCKT FOR 5 1/2‰-6‰ DIA. SHELLS N3-VB-7 RUNNING BD. BCKT FOR 6 1/4‰-6 3/4‰ DIA. SHELLS N3-VB-8 RUNNINGBD.BRACKETFOR63/4‰-71/4‰DIA.SHELLS MODEL DESCRIPTION – UNIVERSAL N3-UBRK SPRING CLIP BCKT/FITS 2 1/4 -2 3/4 LB.EXT. N3-SBRK SPRING CLIP BCKT/FITS 5-6 LB. EXT. VEHICLE BRACKETS LISTED FEATURES Contains six litres of wet chemical solution Attractive stainless steel cylinder Pre-filled and pressurized at the factory for ready to use, right out of the box Soft discharge wide-angle spray pattern Stainless steel bourdon tube gauge Simple operation and maintenance Suitable for use in temperatures from 0° C to 49° C (32° F to 120° F) Meets requirements of NFPA 10 Six-year limited warranty A WOOD•TRASH•PAPER K WOOD•TRASH•PAPER KITCHEN ONE™ FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AK MODEL RATING RANGE CAPACITY DISCHARGE DIAMETER WIDTH HEIGHT E M I T . O N N1-K-ONE 2-A:K 2.4-3.0 M (8-10 FT) 6 LITRES (1.59 GAL) 54 SECONDS 17.8 CM (7 IN) 24.1 CM (9.5 IN) 54.0 CM (21.25 IN) SPECIFICATIONS LISTED Squeeze grip operation, positive ON/OFF operation, pull pin safety lock, brass chrome plated valve body, water proof stainless steel gauge, tire valve for pressurizing Fire Extinguisher Use (23½”x18¾”) ProductCode:A10-909