511 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Fire Extinguishers ABC FEATURES FE-36 agent is EPA accepted (SNAP) - zero ozone depletion potential and no scheduled phase-out Clean agent is safe for delicate electronics - nonconductive, residue-free no thermal shock Meets FAA minimum performance standard (MPS) for handheld fire extinguishers on civilian transport category aircraft (FE-05, FE-09, and FE-13 Only) Very low in toxicity - LOAEL of 15% is above extinguishing concentration Seamless welded steel shell with tough polyester-urethane finish Suitable for use in temperatures form -40° C to 49° C (-40° F to 120° F) Six-year limited warranty FEATURES Exclusive Class D dry powder specifically designed for combustible metal fires For use on sodium, potassium, magnesium and sodium-potassium alloy fires; controls and sometimes extinguishes small fires on zirconium and titanium Squeeze grip with positive on/off operation Stainless steel external leaf spring FOR CLASS D FIRES MODEL # N1-FE-02 MODEL # N1-FE-05 MODEL # N1-FE-09 MODEL # N1-FE-13 FE-36™ CLEAN-AGENT FIRE EXTINGUISHERS PROFESSIONAL BC MODEL ULC EFFECTIVE CAPACITY DISCHARGE DIAMETER WIDTH HEIGHT E M I T E G N A R G N I T A R . O N N1-FE-02 2-B:C 8-10 FT (2.4-3.0 M) 2 1/2 LBS (1.1 KG) 9.0 SECONDS 3.38 IN (8.6 CM) 5.75 IN (14.6 CM) 14.25 IN (36.2 CM) N1-FE-05 5-B:C 10-12 FT (3.0-3.7 M) 4 3/4 LBS (2.2 KG) 8.6 SECONDS 4.44 IN (11.3 CM) 8.5 IN (21.6 CM) 17 IN (43.2 CM) N1-FE-09 1-A:10-B:C 14-16 FT (4.3-4.9 M) 9 1/2 LBS (4.3 KG) 9.5 SECONDS 7 IN (17.8 CM) 9 IN (22.9 CM) 18.75 IN (47.6 CM) N1-FE-13 2-A:10-B:C 14-16 FT (4.3-4.9 M) 13 1/4 LBS (6.0 KG) 13.5 SECONDS 7 IN (17.8 CM) 9.5 IN (24.1 CM) 22.5 IN (57.2 CM) D SPECIFICATIONS CLASS D PROFESSIONAL SODIUM CHLORIDE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS A B C WOOD•TRASH•PAPER LIQUIDS • GREASE ELECTRICAL EQUIP . LISTED LISTED B C LIQUIDS • GREASE ELECTRICAL EQUIP . MODEL RATING RANGE DISCHARGE HEIGHT WIDTH DIAMETER FT. (CAPACITY) N1-D-30 D - 27LB 28 IN (71.1CM) 10 IN(25.4CM) 7 IN(17.8CM) Durable red powder paint finish and clear anodized aluminum valve Suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to 49°C (-40°F to 120°F) Heavy-duty running board bracket available (sold separately) Six-year limited warranty