10 Reasons you should use Kit Care Corporation for your First Aid Kit Care. 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10 The most effective choice for First Aid Kit Supplies and Kit Maintenance. Our trained specialists will be responsible for keeping your First Aid Kit organized, clean and fully stocked. Kit Care Corporation has developed, tested, and approved a full range of First Aid products to meet and exceed provincial standards. All products are designed for industrial usage. We recommend and schedule regular First Aid Kit Maintenance Calls to meet the safety requirements of your business – at no cost, you only pay for what you order. In addition to our regular planned visits and service, our fully-stocked vans provide same day service to handle any of your emergency needs. Kit Care Regular Maintenance will provide you and your staff with information on the proper use of products as well as the confidence and security that your First Aid Kit is monitered This service is only available in selected regions of Canada. by professionals. Trained First Aid Kit Specialists will provide training, usage information, techniques and literature on the most up-to-date equipment, and supply procedures including Worker’s Compensation Board & Occupational Health requirements and changes. You purchase only what you need, when you need it . You pay only for products, nothing else. We are responsible to you for your First Aid Kit. Whatever the needs, whenever and wherever. Our specialist will keep you and your staff informed with written evaluations and consultations on your First Aid Kit usage. Supplies are replenished only with your authorized approval. Kit Care provides only the best products, services and prices for value conscious Canadians. Our TRUE VALUE pricing provides the best value. All products and services meet with your full satisfaction or merchandise can be returned without question. Kit Care products meet and surpass the highest Standards and Approvals and more important Kit Care Warranties these products – anytime – all the time. 4 9 First Aid Kit Maintenance 3