483 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Flashlights & Batteries H1-595 H1-596 Holsters Item # Description H1-595 Heavy-Duty Black Belt Holster for Standard D-Cell Flashlights H1-596 Black Velcro Belt Loop Holster for Standard D-Cell Flashlights H1-597 Black Belt Holster for 4 AA-Cell Flashlights Item # Description H1-598 Single-Barrel Industrial Helmet Clip Alkaline Batteries Item # Description Packaging H1-ALKD2 D-Cell 1.5V Battery 2/Package H1-ALKC2 C-Cell 1.5V Battery 2/Package H1-ALKAA4 AA-Cell 1.5V Battery 4/Package H1-ALKAAA4 AAA-Cell 1.5V Battery 4/Package H1-ALK9V 9V Battery 1/Package Heavy-Duty Batteries Item # Description Packaging H1-22AAA AAA-Cell 4/Package H1-22AA AA-Cell 4/Package H1-22C C-Cell 2/Package H1-22D D-Cell 2/Package H1-229V 9V 1/Package H1-466M 466-M 6V Square Battery with Spring T erminals Each H1-467M 467-M 6V Square Battery with Screw T erminals Each Powershot Alkaline Battery Sticks Item # Description Packaging H1-7532 7532 Powershot 2 x D-Cell Battery Stick Each H1-7542 7542 Powershot 3 x D-Cell Battery Stick Each Helmet Clip Helmet clips offer hands-free operation. Accommodates most 4 AA-Cell, 2 AA-Cell, 2 AAA-Cell, and 1 AAA-Cell flashlights. The easily adjustable, impact resistant polycarbonate construction accommodates more than 25 manufacturers' protective helmets. Other clips are available, please call for more information. H1-597 Trooper II Flashlight The T rooper II is a 3-Watt LED flashlight that has a focused beam for superior brightness. It is water resistant and runs on 3 AAA-Cell batteries. It is made of black anodized aluminum and has a knurled grip with a lanyard attached. Item # Description H1-56715 3-Watt LED flashlight Item # Description H1-07810 4-Cell Orange Fire Lantern with 120V AC Charger H1-07812 4-Cell Yellow Fire Lantern with 120V AC Charger Packaging subject to change * Packaging subject to change * Packaging subject to change * Lighthawk™ Fire Lantern The Lighthawk™ fire lantern is lightweight (1.7 lbs), waterproof, and made of chemical and heat-resistant nylon with a 3-way toggle switch. It is powered through a lithium ion battery and has a high quality reflector that results in superior brightness and tremendous smoke-piercing ability at 120,000 candlepower . Its strategically configured pattern of white and red pulsating LED lights provide maximum visibility. It also has a 30-minute low battery indicator , an ergonomic handle designed to fit the largest of gloved hands, and a 90 degree articulating head for lighting flexibility. H1-07810