479 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Flashlights Director Light Director lights are highly visible, bright, and durable. The removable tip allows the light beam to be directed where needed.Wands either snap or slip on. Slip-on cones fit over the light when not in use.The waterproof director light also features a 3-way switch (on-intermittent-off). Item # Description H1-222495 2 D-Cell Yellow Director Light with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222496 3 D-Cell Yellow Director Light with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222497 2 D-Cell Black Director Light with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222498 3 D-Cell Black Director Light with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222548 2 D-Cell Yellow Flashlight with Orange Slip-On Wand H1-K492 2 D-Cell Yellow Waterproof Director Light with Red Snap-In Wand Rubber Flashlights Rubber flashlights are molded from a thermoplastic rubber that is resistant to most chemicals, oils, and grease. Flashlights come with a faceted reflector and Krypton bulb and feature an anti-roll design and spare bulb holder .They are also temperature resistant from -40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F). Item # Description H1-22RBR219 2 D-Cell Black Rubber Flashlight H1-22RBR20G 2 D-Cell Green Rubber Flashlight H1-22RBR319 3 D-Cell Black Rubber Flashlight Inspection Lights These lights are used in special situations. The H1-452 comes with a flexible, removable extension light, while the H1-1191 is a pocket sized ultraviolet inspection lamp that helps detect counterfeit bills and documents. It also features a rugged wrist strap. Item # Description H1-452 2 D-Cell Inspection Light with Extension Light H1-1191 4 AA-Cell Ultraviolet Inspection Light H1-22RBR219 H1-22RBR20G H1-22RBR319 H1-452 H1-1191 H1-K492 H1-222548 H1-222498 H1-222548 H1-222495