477 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Flashlights H1-221925 H1-221918 H1-222718 Item # Description H1-221819 2 D-Cell Waterproof Black Flashlight H1-221826 3 D-Cell Waterproof Black Flashlight H1-221918 2 D-Cell Waterproof Yellow Flashlight H1-221925 3 D-Cell Waterproof Yellow Flashlight H1-222718 2 D-Cell Waterproof Yellow Flashlight with Adjustable Beam Waterproof Flashlights These industrial waterproof flashlights offer the same features as the standard models, and also offer a 3-way switch (on-intermittent-off). Item # Description H1-SP051 Red Snap-In Wand H1-OTW Orange Slip-On Wand Traffic Wands These traffic wands are ideal for traffic control by airports, parking lot attendants, and police.Wands fit most 2 and 3 D-Cell flashlights. H1-222618CT H1-SP051 H1-OTW H1-222618CTML Item # Description H1-222618CT 2 D-Cell Yellow Flashlight with Continuity T ester H1-222618CTML 2 D-Cell Yellow Flashlight with Magnet and Continuity T ester Continuity Testers These are the 2618 yellow industrial flashlights with crush resistant thermoplastic polymer cases, unbreakable T uflexx® lenses, and 250,000 cycle switch with switch guards. Each continuity tester comes with 36" leads. These testers are for testing up to 10 OHMS.