475 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Traffic Safety Products Wheel Chock This 9 lb, 95% recycled rubber wheel chock features a metal "O" hook imbedded in the back for fastening a chain. The fluted design causes downward pressure to the lock unit in place. It is designed for maximum traction on wet or dry surfaces. Flares Flares are ideal for use on roads as an emergency marker .They are weather resistant, wind, rain, and sun proof. Traffic Wands and Flashlights Made of soft, pliable fluorescent vinyl, these traffic wands are ideal for traffic control by airports, parking lot attendants, and police. Wands fit most 2 and 3 D- cell flashlights. Flashlights complete with wands are also available. Traffic Wands Item # Description H1-SP049 Red Snap-In Wand H1-OTW Orange Slip-On Wand Traffic Flashlights Item # Description H1-K492 2D Yellow Director Flashlight with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222495 2D Yellow Director Flashlight with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222498 3D Black Director Flashlight with Red Snap-In Wand H1-222548 2D Yellow Flashlight with Orange Slip-On Wand Traffic Cones and Collars Available in various sizes, these one-piece durable hi-viz PVC cones are ideal for preventing accidents, marking hazardous areas to avoid, or for use in parking lots, at sporting events, and other areas where traffic direction is necessary. Inner liner is made of white PVC. Hi-Viz collars are also available for increased night visibility. Custom imprinting is also available. Barricade Light This rugged and durable barricade light is made with a polypropylene orange safety case and a polycarbonate lens. The hidden on/off switch with silver plated brass contacts are recessed for added protection. It is suitable for construction workers, highway maintenance, and road side warning applications, or anywhere that a self-contained power source is necessary. T wo batteries required (sold separately). Item # Description L4-TC6 6" Cone (.25lbs) L4-30W 12" Cone (1.5lbs) L4-45W 18" Cone (3lbs) L4-45WRC 18" Cone with 4" Collar (3lbs) L4-45WRC6 18" Cone with 6" Collar (3lbs) L4-70 28" Cone (7lbs) L4-70W 28" Cone (12lbs) L4-70WRC 28" Cone with 4" Collar (7lbs) L4-70WRC6 28" Cone with 6" Collar (7lbs) L4-RC 4" Collar L4-RC6 6" Collar Item # Description H2-610310 20 minute Spike Flare H2-610330 20 minute Spike Flare with stand H2-610340 30 minute Spike Flare H2-610350 30 minute Spike Flare with stand L4-985 Reflective T riangular Flare, 12 lbs, 3/Case H2-WF100 Wax Flares, 2/Box Item # Description H1-610090 6V Amber Barricade Light H1-466M 6V Heavy-Duty Spring T erminal Battery L4-70WRC L4-45WRC L4-30W L4-TC6 L4-985 H2-610310 H2-610340 H2-610350 H2-610330 H2-WF100 H1-K492 H1-222498 H1-222548 H1-222495 H1-222548 Item # Packaging H2-WCR2 Each