www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 472 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Guards & Protectors POL Y GUIDE-POST DELINEATORS T H G I E W S N O I S N E M I D N O I T P I R C S E D L E D O M . S B L 6 H ‰ 2 4 X W ‰ 5 7 . 5 W O L L E Y - R O T A E N I L E D T S O P - E D I U G Y L O P Y 4 3 7 L4-1 . S B L 6 H ‰ 2 4 X W ‰ 5 7 . 5 E M I L - R O T A E N I L E D T S O P - E D I U G Y L O P M L 4 3 7 L4-1 . S B L 6 H ‰ 2 4 X W ‰ 5 7 . 5 E G N A R O - R O T A E N I L E D T S O P - E D I U G Y L O P R O 4 3 7 L4-1 FEATURES Bumper Post Sleeves Makes old bollard posts look like new High-visibility yellow HDPE construction with UV inhibitors Resist fading, rusting or cracking Eliminates annual maintenance while helping to protect vehicles and the post from impact damage Sleeves are 56” long and can be trimmed for an exact fit - available to fit 4”, 6” and 8” N.P .T. pipe sizes Additional colors available with quantity orders Poly Guide-Post Delineators Lightweight, portable, yieldable plastic posts used to warn, guide and delineate Tough, weather resistant high density polyethylene w/UV inhibitors, 42" high (5.75" OD) Protective Parking Stops Stop cars in their tracks Designed with safety and durability Flexible enough to fit parking lot contours Four colours for multiple application 4” height differential capability 1,000 lb. load capacity Eagle Speed Bump/Cable Adds safety to your facility The bumps caution drivers to danger zones and slow them down High visibility yellow bumps are specially engineered with the perfect angle Non-skid surface and are weather and chemical resistant High-visibility colours: orange, lime green and yellow, mounted on a 10" sq HDPE plate with anchor slots Two 3" wide engineering grade reflective silver bands for increased visibility at night and are MUTCD compliant BUMPER POST SLEEVES & POLY GUIDE-POST DELINEATORS BUMPER POST SLEEVES MODEL DESCRIPTION SIZE I.D. O.D. HEIGHT WEIGHT L4-1732 BUMPER POST SLEEVES-YELLOW* 4‰ 4.75‰ 5.75‰ 56‰ 4 LBS. L4-1730 BUMPER POST SLEEVES-YELLOW* 6‰ 6.875‰ 7.875‰ 56‰ 6 LBS. L4-738 BUMPER POST SLEEVES-YELLOW* 8‰ 8.875‰ 10.00‰ 57‰ 8 LBS. L4-730-72 BUMPER POST SLEEVES-YELLOW 6‰ 6.875‰ 7.875‰ 72‰ 8 LBS. L4-738-72 BUMPER POST SLEEVES-YELLOW 8‰ 8.875‰ 10.00‰ 72‰ 10 LBS. PROTECTIVE PARKING STOPS SPEED BUMP-CABLE PROTECTOR D A O L T H G I E W S N O I S N E M I D N O I T P I R C S E D L E D O M L4-1792 6Ê SPEED BUMP-CABLE GUARD 10‰WX72‰LX2‰H 15 LBS 20,000 LBS. L4-1793 9Ê SPEED BUMP-CABLE GUARD 10‰WX108‰LX2‰H 25 LBS. 20,000 LBS. T H G I E W S N O I S N E M I D N O I T P I R C S E D L E D O M L4-1790Y PARKING STOP-YELLOW 8‰WX4‰HX72‰L 15 LBS. L4-1790B PARKING STOP-BLUE 8‰WX4‰HX72‰L 15 LBS. L4-1790G PARKING STOP-GRAY 8‰WX4‰HX72‰L 15 LBS. L4-1790BLK PARKING STOP-BLACK 8‰WX4‰HX72‰L 15 LBS. MODEL # L4-1730 6‰ BUMPER POST SLEEVE 8 anchor spikes and 1 tube of asphalt adhesive included MODEL # L4-1790Y Load Tested to 10,000 lbs/Pneumatic Tire MODEL # L4-1793 9Ê Speed Bump - Cable Guard Kit MODEL # L4-1734LM MODEL # L4-1734Y MODEL # L4-1734OR MODEL # L4-1730 Colour Variations PROTECTIVE PARKING STOPS, EAGLE SPEED / BUMP CABLE *ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE, RED, GREEN, ORANGE, LIME, BROWN, AND BLACK.