www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 468 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Floor Matting Tile-Top Anti-Microbial (AM) Matting - Tile-Top AM (J3-420) and UltraSoft Tile-Top AM (J3-419) Autoclavable Mat (J3-580) Rejuvenator® Connect (J3-502) Black (BK) Blue (BL) Charcoal (CH) Gray (GY) Gray (GY) Special abrasive resistant urethane skin Closed-cell urethane sponge Special non-slip underside Especially effective in areas where exposure to micro-organisms and chemicals is common, Tile-top AM mats are permanently anti-microbial. The non-porous vinyl surface has an extra wear layer for exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. The mats’ superb comfort comes from its micro-pure™ (permanently anti-microbial) Nitrile rubber composite sponge base. Tile-Top AM is a standard ½” thick while UltraSoft Tile-Top AM (7/8” thick) features a double-thick sponge base for those employees who need an even more comfortable standing surface. These mats are ideal for any dry area where overall comfort and productivity are important such as laboratories, pharmacies, and packaging areas. • • • • • Tile-Top AM (J3-420) Provides comfort in sterile environments - operating rooms, pharmacies (USP 797), laboratories, radiology rooms, etc. Domed design provides comfort during long shifts. Extremely low particulation. The durable, non-porous Nitrile rubber compound is 100% anti-microbial and will withstand extensive sterilization/autoclaving. Fits flat into standard autoclaves and is easily repositioned after cleaning. The surface can easily be cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide, a -2% bleach solution, Glutaraldehyde – recommended for use on plastics and rubber, and Quaternary Ammonium compounds (QUATS). ½” thick • • • • • • • 1 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty 2” x 39” female ramp snaps over the protruding mat interlcoks. 2” x 39” male ramp snaps into the underside of the mat. Specify Color when ordering. J3-419AM and J3-420AM Sizes 2’ x 3’ 2’, 3’ and 4’ Widths Cut in Lengths up to 60’. 3’ x 5’ UltraSoft Tile-Top AM (J3-419) J3-580 Size 2’ x 3’ J3-502 Sizes 3’ x 3’ Mat 2” x 39” Edging This customizable urethane is the “best of the best”. 5 year limited warranty More comfortable than you can imagine – this very high performance urethane compound is more resilient than other anti-fatigue mat compounds. 3’ x 3’ modular mats connect on all sides. Extremely abrasion resistant exterior skin encapsulates the crush resistant urethane sponge interior. Ideal for mostly dry areas. Also very chemical resistant. Optional 2” wide Yellow or Black bevel. 5/8” overall thickness. • • • • • •