463 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Anti-Slip Tapes Resilient Anti-Slip Tapes • ResilientTape features laminated, calendared film • Pressure-Sensitive adhesive backing • Great for Commercial Applications • Available in Black and Gray • Available in various sizes 7520 Glow Anti-Slip Tape Mineral coated photoluminescent tape absorbs and stores energy from light sources and is immediately visible in the event of a blackout. • Ideal for stairs, ramps, landings and other potentially slick surfaces • Meets ASTM 162, 648, 662 and 2072-00 Standards Glow Anti-Slip Tape Designed to provide a slip-resistant surface on stairs and ramps • HighT ack/Pressure Sensitive Adhesive • Use along exit routes and leading edge of landings • Non-skid coating for added traction Black Gray Size P9-AST160B P9-AST160G 1”x60’ P9-AST260B P9-AST260G 2”x60’ P9-AST460B P9-AST460G 4”x60’ P9-AST660B P9-AST660G 6”x60’ P9-AST1260B P9-AST1260G 12”x60’ P9-AST2460B P9-AST2460G 24”x60’ P9-AST624B P9-AST624G 6”X24”, 50 case Part No. Size P9-GAGT160 1”x60’ P9-GAGT260 2”x60’ P9-GAGT460 4”x60’ P9-GAGT660 6”x60’ P9-GAGT1260 12”x60’ P9-GAGT39 6”X24”, 50 cs P9-GAGT39-10 6”X24”, 10 cs Part No. Description Quantity P9-3450-1-N 1” x 60’ Roll 12 rolls/case* P9-3450-2-N 2” x 60’ Roll 6 rolls/case* *Call if less than one case is desired.