461 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Camera Domes KC CCTV Domes These are excellent for surveillance or for use as a dummy dome. They are lightweight, economical and cell cast, offering less distortion. Available in B300 bronze. KC Dust Covers Dust covers are made to fit over the CCTV domes. Made from polystyrene, they are lightweight and help prevent dust from getting on the camera lens. Available in black. KC Pendant Dome Camera Bracket This bracket works with all cameras. The top slides up for easy access. KC White PVC Panels For grid ceilings, these panels are easy to install and are made from fire retardant PVC. They fit openings 2' x 2' or 2' x 4'. Available with an optional T-bar camera bracket. Comes with optional hole size to accommodate dome. KC Pendant Mounted Domes This dome, made of cell cast acrylic, offers distortion free 360° of surveillance viewing. It is used for exposed ceilings and is easy to install. It works with all cameras and the camera bracket is included. Comes with white top and B300 Bronze bottom. Item # Description J1-CCTV3 3.5" Diameter J1-CCTV5 5.5" Diameter J1-CCTV8 8" Diameter J1-CCTV10 10" Diameter J1-CCTV12 12" Diameter J1-CCTV14 14" Diameter J1-CCTV16 16" Diameter J1-CCTV18 18" Diameter J1-CCTV22 22" Diameter Item # Description J1-DC5 5.5" Diameter J1-DC8 8" Diameter J1-DC10 10" Diameter J1-DC12 12" Diameter J1-DC14 14" Diameter J1-DC16 16" Diameter J1-DC18 18" Diameter J1-DC22 22" Diameter Item # Description J1-WP2422 2 x 2’ Panel J1-WP4824 2 x 4’ Panel J1-CB100 T-Bar Camera Bracket for Panels Item # Description J1-DCB10 10" Diameter J1-DCB14 14" Diameter Item # Description J1-PMD10 10" Diameter J1-PMD14 14" Diameter