459 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Convex Mirrors KC Convex Mirrors Convex mirrors increase aisle visibility and eliminate blind spots, thus decreasing the occurrence for potential collisions, accidents, and also shoplifting. These lightweight convex mirrors are 20% brighter than glass mirrors and offer less distortion. They are long lasting, fade-proof, and economical. Available in indoor , outdoor , and lightweight (with no frame). Additional weatherproofing available for outdoor mirrors. Mounting hardware is included. KC Office Eye-Oval Mirror The all new Office Eye-Oval allows you to see hallway traffic before exiting your office, conference room, washroom, or wherever you have a congested area. The Office Eye-Oval can be mounted on partitions, enabling you to view all activity in your surroundings. The mirror and trim will fit any decor . Available with black vinyl trim. Indoor Item # Description J1-IN12 12" with Z Bracket J1-IN18 18" with Z Bracket J1-IN26 26" with T elescopic Bracket J1-IN30 30" with T elescopic Bracket J1-IN36 36" with T elescopic Bracket J1-IN48 48" with T elescopic Bracket Item # Description J1-INC18 18" Diameter J1-INC26 26" Diameter J1-INC30 30" Diameter Item # Description J1-OV1 Office Eye-Oval Mirror with Black T rim Outdoor Item # Description J1-EX12 12" with 2 T elescopic Brackets J1-EX18 18" with 2 T elescopic Brackets J1-EX26 26" with 3 T elescopic Brackets J1-EX30 30" with 3 T elescopic Brackets J1-EX36 36" with 3 T elescopic Brackets J1-EX48 48" with 3 T elescopic Brackets Lightweight Item # Description J1-INE12 12" Diameter J1-INE18 18" Diameter J1-INE26 26" Diameter J1-INE30 30" Diameter Standard Item # Description J1-R1218 12 x 18" J1-R1524 15 x 24" J1-R1826 18 x 26" J1-R2030 20 x 30" J1-R2436 24 x 36" Item # Description J1-RE1218 12 x 18" J1-RE1524 15 x 24" J1-RE1826 18 x 26" J1-RE2030 20 x 30" J1-RE2436 24 x 36" Lightweight KC Roundtangular Mirrors These Roundtangular mirrors are perfect for use in parking garages, blind spots around machinery, and for areas with low ceilings. They have a hardboard back and vinyl trim. Leightweight is also available (with no frame). KC High Visibility Caution Mirrors with Stripes These mirrors feature a border of caution stripes and are excellent for pedestrian walkways and parking garages. Second surface screen printing is available in black and yellow. Suggested Viewing Distances The following is the suggested best viewing distances of each mirror by size: Mirror Size 18" Convex Viewing Distance Up to 17’ 13" Convex Up to 12’ 26" Convex Up to 24’ 30" Convex Up to 28’ 36" Convex Up to 35’ 43" Convex Up to 44’