457 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Spill Drums & Control Applicators SALVAGE DRUMS FEATURES Available in 20, 30, 65 and 95 gallon sizes Constructed of blow molded high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors The M1-1602 and M1-1654 drums are suitable for 5 gallon buckets and smaller The M1-1665 and M1-1695 are for 55 gallon drums or smaller All Salvage Drums meet 3 psi pressure test for Salvage Drum Compliance The lids feature gaskets for a positive seal with locking band Ideal for secondary containment storage, trans- portation and cleanup. Compliance: DOT 49 CFR 173.3 MODEL# SIZE DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS WEIGHT UN MARKING M1-1602 30 GALLON SALVAGE W/METAL BAND 211/8" X 281/2" 16 LBS. 1H2/X100/S M1-1654 20 GALLON SALVAGE W/METAL BAND 22" X 201/2" 15 LBS. 1H2/X75/S M1-1665 65 GALLON SALVAGE W/METAL BAND 31" X 39" 53 LBS. 1H2/X200/S M1-1695 95 GALLON SALVAGE W/METAL BAND 31" X 441/2" 58 LBS. 1H2/X340/S SALVAGE DRUMS MODEL M1-1602 Exterior Dimensions (21 1/8 x 28 1/2)‰ MODEL M1-SC-30-A MODEL M1-SPILL-X-A MODEL M1-SPILL-X-S MODEL M1-SPILL-X-C MODEL M1-SPILL-X-FP L M1-SC-30-S E D O M L M1-SC-30-C E D O M MODEL M1-1695 Exterior Dimensions (31 x 44 1/2)‰ MODEL M1-1665 Exterior Dimensions (31 x 39)‰ MODEL M1-1654 Exterior Dimensions (22 x 20 1/2)‰ SPILL-GUN SPILL CONTROL APPLICATORS T H G I E W N O I T P I R C S E D # L E D O M M1-SC-30-A 30LB ACID NEUTRALIZER SPILL APPLICATOR GUN 58LB (26.3 KG) M1-SC-30-C 30LB CAUSTIC NEUTRALIZER SPILL APPLICATOR GUN 53LB (24.0 KG) M1-SC-30-S 30LB SOLVENT ABSORBENT SPILL APPLICATOR GUN 43LB (19.5 KG) FEATURES The easiest, fastest, and most efficient method to handle a small to medium chemical spill before it becomes a big problem. Spill Guns Rugged easy-to-use, rechargeable in the field Available in acid, caustic, or solvent Spill-X agents Designed to apply the agent from a safe distance of 10 to 12 feet The spill gun can treat up to a 3 gallon spill (equivalent to approximately 100 square feet) Spill-X Agents M1-SPILL-X-A agent neutralizes and solidifies most organic and inorganic acids, including hydrofluoric acid. M1-SPILL-X-S agent is a solvent absorbent for organic materials like benzene or xylene. M1-SPILL-X-C agent is a neutralizer and solidifier for caustics such as sodium hydroxide. M1-SPILL-X-FP agent polymerizes and solidifies formaldehyde spills. Recharge Chemical and Spill Treatment kits also available