447 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Decontaminant Equipment DECON-U-SHOWER Product Code Description M3-DU-50 Portable DeCon “U” 52” x 52” x 7´6”H Shower includes bag Assembled Size Containment pool sold separately. • Output 6.33 GPM @ 30 PSI DECON SPRAY HOOPS Product Code Description M3-DH40 DeCon Spray Hoop 45”OD x 39”ID 2 Pieces Two 43”-66” Extendable Handles Pool sold separately. M3-DH40-4P DeCon Spray Hoop 45”OD x 39”ID 4 Piece Two 32”-53” Extendable Handles M3-DHSB4 Storage Bag for DH40 M3-DHSB44 Storage Bag for DH40-4P DISPOSABLE DECON SHOWER & AIRLOCK SYSTEM Product Code Description M3-DCON3 3-Room System: Clean, Shower and Equipment Room 37” x 37” x 77” M3-DCON3XL Extra Large 3-Room System: Clean, Shower 43” x 48” x 81” and Equipment Room M3-DCON2 4 Clean and/or Equipment Rooms 37” x 43” x 77” be prepared for disaster!! Low-cost, durable and disposable . Poles and shower nozzles sold separately.