443 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Spill Sorbents GATOR ABSORBENT Product Code Description M2-GATOR30 Oil Gator 30 lbs. bag • Gator absorbent has an absorbent powder match for any liquid. • Oil Gator is ideal for hydrocarbons. CELLULOSE & VERMICULITE Product Code Description M2-CELU18 Cellulose 20 lbs. bag M2-VERM4 Vermiculite 4 cubic ft. bag M2-COB20 Corn Cob 4 cubic ft. bag These recycled fiber sorbents are ideal for solidification, packaging, and incineration. The high BTU and low ash content of cellulose and cob fibers are excellent for fuel blending which can save in disposal costs. KENAF ABSORBENTS Product Code Description M2-KENAF 2 Bio-Sorb 2 cubic ft. bag M2-KENAF 3 Organic 2 cubic ft. bag The Kenaf Bio-Sorb granular absorbent has indigenous oil eating microbes that solve many long-term spill disposal solutions. The product is all natural, non-toxic, and completely biodegradable.