441 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Spill Sorbents UNIVERSAL COTTON PAD Product Code Description M2-UCOTP100-BD Universal Cotton Sorbent Pad, Blue Denim, 18”x18”, 100/cs • Derived from all-natural non-toxic fibers. • Biodegradable for easy disposal. • Grime-concealing blue denim color. • Universal - Use for most liquid-types. • Lighter than Poly but equally strong. biodegradable for easy disposal EXPANDIPAD Product Code Description M2-EXPANDIPAD Expandipad 12” x 12” 10/CS • 1” Thickness with Liquid Contact. • Pad expands as liquid is absorbed. • Universal absorbent. • Wring or reuse 10-15 times. Resorb 10-15 Times 1” in thickness after saturation OIL-ONLY DRIP SENTINEL DRIP PAD Product Code Description M2-5694-YE Drip Sentinal Drip Pad 21" x 21" 25/cs • Oil only (for petroleum-based liquids) • Great for oil changes, lawn, farm and garden equipment • Absorbs and retains up to 7 quarts of liquid • Non-slip barrier envelope that helps capture the spill • Nominal size: 21" x 21" • Drip catching surface: 13.5" x 13.5" • Optional grommet and 3-foot nylon tether (not shown) Simply throw down the Drip Sentinel Drip Pad under leaky equipment and watch as it absorbs and retains up to 7 quarts of liquid (oils and hydrocarbons). POLY BACKED DRIP PAD Product Code Description M2-OP1250 Oil Zap Pad 17”x23” 150/CS M2-OP2442 Oil Zap Pad 24”x42” 40/CS M2-OPR-9200 Oil Zap Roll Perforated 1 Roll (133 pads) • Eliminates shop rags. • Quick absorption. • Absorbs one-half quart of oil. • Pad will withstand hot oil up to 210 degrees. • Needle-punched for strength.