www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 428 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 SpillCare Information Specialized spill products provide high-quality environmentally sound solutions. Kit Care’s spill prevention-and-cleanup products are designed to protect your people and your workplace. Whether it’s water dripping from a pipe or ceiling, a leaking chemical drum or fuel tank, or a spilled biohazardous liquid, any spill increases the risk of employee injury and illness, and damage to equipment, property, and the environment. From drain covers and drip pans to absorbent wipes, socks and booms to grab-and-go kits, and overpack salvage drums to safe storage cabinets and containers – we’ve got you cove For product information on SpillCare carts, see pages 460-462. red. Caustic/acid neutralizing solutions and powders help make hazardous spills safe to handle. These heavy-duty absorbent pads mop up acids, chemicals, hazardous waste and unidentified liquids. Our drum cleanup kit is designed to contain a 40-litre spill. This kit can also be customized to absorb and neutralize battery acid. Ready to grab and go, this portable spill kit is perfect in a vehicle or workshop, and cleans up small spills of up to 25 litres. Designed to hold a leaking 55-gallon drum, this overpack salvage drum contains enough cleanup supplies to absorb a 290-litre spill. Often used with drip pans, these absorbent pillows suck up spills and leaks, and are available for chemicals or oil-only liquids. For product information on SpillCare absorbent products, see pages 465-470. For product information on SpillCare drums and specialty kits, see pages 463, 464, & 476-483.