www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 424 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 WHMIS Stations & Accessories WHMIS Stations This attractive wall mounted unit displays the WHMIS poster and also provides a place for you to store your MSDS sheets for easy reference by your employees. lt includes an MSDS binder which will hold up to 250 loose leaf sheets. Located at strategic points around your facility, they will help to reinforce your previous training and ensure that your employees have easy and direct access to the Material Safety Data Sheets which are so important to a proper WHMIS program. K1-RTKD (English) two pockets, 24” x 30” K1-RTKS (English) one pocket, 13” x 301/2” K1-RTKB WHMIS Data Three-Ring Binder (English) WHMIS Posters Full colour rigid plastic information posters. K2-WIP (English) poster, 16” x 11” K2-WIPL (English) poster, 23” x 15” WHMIS Labels Our workplace label was developed to make your use of workplace labels easy and convenient. Our label can be used for any controlled product you encounter in the workplace. To use it, you identify the class of controlled product that you are dealing with by using an indelible ink pen to black- out those symbols which do not apply, and leaving open or showing those that do apply to the product you are labeling. You identify the personal protective equipment needed in the same way. After filling in the product identifier and any other information that you want to convey, you just peel off the label backing and apply the label to your container. K2-WILS (bilingual) 3” x 31/4” K2-WILL (bilingual) 5”x 61/4” K2-WIPL (English) poster, 23” x 15” K1-RTKD (English) two pockets, 24” x 30” K2-WILS (bilingual) 3” x 31/4”