419 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Protective Rain Suits RAINWEAR All rainwear garments feature generous size patterns for long term wear and comfort! 801 Hurricane Suit The Hurricane rainwear is the ultimate choice for extreme conditions. The 801 series features a fire retardant, oil resistant, premium grade virgin PVC/Polyestermaterial with a thickness of .45mm, for applications in oil and gas, chemical refineries, mining, logging, forestry, fishing, and construction. Flame retardancy meets and exceeds 2 second flame out CGSB standards C**/CGSB-155.20. The seams are taped, ultrasonically welded, and sewn, and provide triple the strength for maximum performance. The jacket features a storm flap and is specially designed without vents and pockets for chemical splash protection. Rustproof snaps on the jacket are concealed within the material. The hood is non-detachable, complete with drawstrings and barrel locks and has enough room to accommodate most hard hats. Pants feature an inside pocket for storage of small tools, maps, instructions, or personal items, and have heavy-duty quick release fasteners, wide adjustable suspenders, and waist snaps for increased comfort. The wide leg design provides a generous fit over work boots. Available in green, hi-viz orange, and yellow. Packaged 12/Case. Green Suit Item # Size Item # Size F6-R801G20 Small F6-R801G60 2X-Large F6-R801G30 Medium F6-R801G70 3X-Large F6-R801G40 Large F6-R801G80 4X-Large F6-R801G50 X-Large F6-R801G90 5X-Large Green Jacket Item # Size Item # Size F6-R802G20 Small F6-R802G60 2X-Large F6-R802G30 Medium F6-R802G70 3X-Large F6-R802G40 Large F6-R802G80 4X-Large F6-R802G50 X-Large F6-R802G90 5X-Large Green Pants Item # Size Item # Size F6-R803G20 Small F6-R803G60 2X-Large F6-R803G30 Medium F6-R803G70 3X-Large F6-R803G40 Large F6-R803G80 4X-Large F6-R803G50 X-Large F6-R803G90 5X-Large Hi-Viz Orange Suit Item # Size Item # Size F6-R801O20 Small F6-R801O60 2X-Large F6-R801O30 Medium F6-R801O70 3X-Large F6-R801O40 Large F6-R801O80 4X-Large F6-R801O50 X-Large F6-R801O90 5X-Large Hi-Viz Orange Jacket Item # Size Item # Size F6-R802O20 Small F6-R802O60 2X-Large F6-R802O30 Medium F6-R802O70 3X-Large F6-R802O40 Large F6-R802O80 4X-Large F6-R802O50 X-Large F6-R802O90 5X-Large Hi-Viz Orange Pants Item # Size Item # Size F6-R803O20 Small F6-R803O60 2X-Large F6-R803O30 Medium F6-R803O70 3X-Large F6-R803O40 Large F6-R803O80 4X-Large F6-R803O50 X-Large F6-R803O90 5X-Large Yellow Suit Item # Size Item # Size F6-R801Y20 Small F6-R801Y60 2X-Large F6-R801Y30 Medium F6-R801Y70 3X-Large F6-R801Y40 Large F6-R801Y80 4X-Large F6-R801Y50 X-Large F6-R801Y90 5X-Large Yellow Jacket Item # Size Item # Size F6-R802Y20 Small F6-R802Y60 2X-Large F6-R802Y30 Medium F6-R802Y70 3X-Large F6-R802Y40 Large F6-R802Y80 4X-Large F6-R802Y50 X-Large F6-R802Y90 5X-Large Yellow Pants Item # Size Item # Size F6-R803Y20 Small F6-R803Y60 2X-Large F6-R803Y30 Medium F6-R803Y70 3X-Large F6-R803Y40 Large F6-R803Y80 4X-Large F6-R803Y50 X-Large F6-R803Y90 5X-Large Jackets