www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 410 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Disposable Coveralls Generous sizing! Disposable Polypropylene Coveralls These disposable polypropylene coveralls feature a zippered front, attached hood, sewn elastic wrist, ankle and hood. Available in navy blue or white in both lightweight (30 grams) and heavy-duty (60 grams) material. Disposable coveralls are comfortably designed to keepyou clean and protectedwhen working in construction, maintenance, janitorial, painting, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, agriculture, and general cleaning jobs. Packaged 25/Case. Navy Blue Item # Size Item # Size F5-C71500202 Small F5-C71500206 2X-Large F5-C71500203 Medium F5-C71500207 3X-Large F5-C71500204 Large F5-C71500208 4X-Large F5-C71500205 X-Large F5-C71500209 5X-Large White Item # Size Item # Size F5-C71501102 Small F5-C71501106 2X-Large F5-C71501103 Medium F5-C71501107 3X-Large F5-C71501104 Large F5-C71501108 4X-Large F5-C71501105 X-Large F5-C71501109 5X-Large Heavy-Duty Navy Blue Item # Size Item # Size F5-C71540202 Small F5-C71540206 2X-Large F5-C71540203 Medium F5-C71540207 3X-Large F5-C71540204 Large F5-C71540208 4X-Large F5-C71540205 X-Large F5-C71540209 5X-Large Heavy-Duty White Item # Size Item # Size F5-C71541102 Small F5-C71541106 2X-Large F5-C71541103 Medium F5-C71541107 3X-Large F5-C71541104 Large F5-C71541108 4X-Large F5-C71541105 X-Large F5-C71541109 5X-Large