www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 406 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Protective Rain Suits 401 Tornado Fire Retardant Suit The 401 Fire Retardant suit features a premium grade of PVC resins to offer limited protection in potentially flammable or combustible work environments.This suit offers all the same features as our 401, plus fire retardant PVC/Polyester/PVC fabric. A popular suit for the oil and gas, petro chemical industries, and general construction. Packaged 12/Case. 401 Tornado Traffic Suit This hi-viz orange or lime green suit with 360 degreesof reflective tape offers the same features as the 401 Tornado. It is specially designed to meet the needs of those working on a traffic work site or construction site. Applications include security, police, municipal workers, airport workers, or any job application where increased visibility is a must for safety. The lime green suit features a two-inch silver reflective cross on the back, two vertical stripes on the chest, a 360 degree waist band on jacket, and bands around both arms and legs. The hi-viz orange suit features silver reflective tape on both arms and legs, yellow stripes on the front, a 360 degree waist band on jacket, and a yellow cross on the back of the jacket. Jacket features storm flaps, dome snaps, two patch pockets, corduroy collar, and detachable hood with drawstrings. Bib overall pants come with fly front, adjustable suspenders, and adjustable waist snaps. Material is PVC/Polyester/PVC with a thickness of .35mm. Available in lime green and hi-viz orange. Meets CSA standards. Packaged 12/Case. Hi-Viz Lime Suit Item # Size Item # Size F6-R401L21 Small F6-R401L61 2X-Large F6-R401L31 Medium F6-R401L71 3X-Large F6-R401L41 Large F6-R401L81 4X-Large F6-R401L51 X-Large F6-R401L91 5X-Large Hi-Viz Orange Suit Item # Size Item # Size F6-R401O21 Small F6-R401O61 2X-Large F6-R401O31 Medium F6-R401O71 3X-Large F6-R401O41 Large F6-R401O81 4X-Large F6-R401O51 X-Large F6-R401O91 5X-Large Adjustable suspender clip Item # Size Item # Size F6-R411Y20 Small F6-R411Y60 2X-Large F6-R411Y30 Medium F6-R411Y70 3X-Large F6-R411Y40 Large F6-R411Y80 4X-Large F6-R411Y50 X-Large F6-R411Y90 5X-Large