www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Vest & Chaps ProVestTM ProVest is the first genuine chain saw resistant upper body protection. It is intended to offer limited protection from chain saw kick back injuries. Arborists, landscapers and utility company employees are the potential beneficiaries of this protection. • The upper body protection concept has been patented, U.S. Pat. # 5,101,511. • Prolar protection is provided on the shoulders and the front of the chest. The water resistant sleeveless jacket has extended shoulders and large front and back vents. A longer back panel helps repel water and debris. • An inside zippered pocket is provided. • High visibility orange top and blue bottom makes an attractive looking product. The vest is made from 420 denier Nylon. Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large: F4-50M (38”-40”), F4-50L (42”-44”), F4-50XL (46”-48”). 90 Series ProChapsTM A long list of unique standard features explains the popularity of this design. • Patented asymmetric design provides extended protection on the left side of each leg, where most injuries occur (US Pat. #5,095,544). • The 90 series chaps conform to ASTM requirements as well as APA Class A requirements. • Lightweight, flexible and strong 420 denier Nylon cover fabric. • Easy on, easy off apron-style design. • Quick release buckles for waist and legs. • A zippered front pocket is a standard feature not found on other brands. Available in safety orange color in four lengths: F4-9028, F4-9033, F4-9036 and F4-9039. The last two digits of the product number indi- cate the length in inches, waist to bottom, not the inseam. 94 Series ProChapsTM 94 Series ProChaps, are designed for the professional chain saw user. Meets the requirements of the ASTM Standard. • Lightweight Prolar protective pads add comfort and prevent heat buildup. • Patented asymmetric design • 1,000 denier Cordura Nylon cover fabric, which is more abrasive resistant. • Three sets of leg straps and buckles help the stiffer cover fabric conform comfortably to the legs. • A zippered front pocket is standard. 94 Series ProChaps are available in orange safety color in 28, 33, 36 and 39 inches lengths, model numbers F4-9428, F4-9433, F4-9436 and F4-9439. The last two digits of the product number indicate the length in inches, waist to bottom. 398