www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 388 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Protective Sleeves POLYETHYLENE This 18” long polyethylene sleeve resists most common acids, alkalids, detergents and solvents. Elastic ends ensure a snug fit. ITEM # DESCRIPTION F11-PS18W white F11-PS18B blue Per pair. POLYPROPYLENE This 18” long sleeve is constructed from 1.5oz. polypropylene for comfort and resistance to non-hazardous liquids and most particulates. Elastic ends ensure a snug fit. ITEM # DESCRIPTION F11-PP18 econo gator Per pair. ECONOMICAL & BREATHABLE V-SHIELD™ Superior splash protection with an 8 mil thick vinyl material that resists acids, alkalis, solvents, and oils. Elastic ends ensure a snug fit with heat sealed seams for extra strength. It is 18” long. ITEM # DESCRIPTION F11-59001B blue F11-59001C clear Per pair. TERRYCLOTH This 18” long sleeve provides wrist and arm protection against cuts, heat and abrasion. Elastic ends ensure a snug fit. ITEM # DESCRIPTION F11-TS18 terrycloth sleeve Per pair. CANVAS This is a heavy-duty canvas sleeve that resists heat, cuts and abrasion. ITEM # DESCRIPTION F11-A186100 10” with thumb hole F11-A186200 with velcro closure Per pair. Elbow Pad Grain leather covered viscoelastic pad. Stretch fabric. F7-80620S Small F7-80620M Medium F7-80620L Large F7-80620XL Extra Large Forearm Protector Layered foam and viscoelastic pad. Tubular construc- tion of poly cotton lycra. Pad covered with grain leather. Protects forearm from impact blows or pressure. F7-80520S Small F7-80520M Medium F7-80520L Large F7-80520XL Extra Large