www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 386 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Impact & Vibration Gloves F3-501-00 Fingerless four- way stretch poly cotton lycra glove liner with full palm VEP padding Also available with leather palm and nylon lycra fabric, F3-501-10 (inset) Typical uses - General assembley, material handling Impact protection F3-502-20 Fingerless nylon lycra glove with leather palm and VEP padding in the palm and between the thumb and index finger. Also available as a liner in poly-cotton fabric without leather, F3-502-00 (inset) Typical uses - Pneumatic and electric hand tools Vibration protection F3-503-20 Fingerless nylon lycra glove with leather and 1/8” VEP padding on the palm, edge and back of hand. Also available with extended protection and double padding F3-523-14 (inset) Typical uses - Trim, moulding installation Impact protection F3-505-20 Half finger nylon lycra glove, full palm and finger leather and VEP padding. Also available as a liner F3-505-00 (inset) and with protection between the thumb and index finger, F3-525-00 Typical uses - General assembly, line production, pneumatic tools Impact and vibration protection Impact & Vibration Protection HOW IT WORKS ! The fingerless style and stretch fabric optimizes dexterity and comfort while the visco-elastic polymer (VEP) provides vibration and impact protection for the palm and tool grip area. Leather: Last 2 digits of the glove number indicates the type of leather. 10 is split, 20 is grain and 30 is kid,-00 which has no leather. Sizes: XS through XL • When ordering, order smaller than your normal glove size.