385 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Metal Mesh Aprons & Sleeves Whiting and Davis Metal Mesh Protective Garments Whiting and Davis Stainless Steel Protective Aprons give your workers full frontal protection from cutting tools without sacrificing their efficiency or comfort by using Whiting and Davis stainless steel aprons. Our lightweight aprons have a unique construction consisting of individually welded stainless steel rings for maximum protective strength and flexibility. Stainless steel mesh conforms to the abdomen and chest without causing the slightest restriction of movement. Adjustable nylon straps with buckles assure a perfect fit and a variety of styles is available to meet your specific needs. The Protector offers superior lightweight protection against slashes and cuts to the arm because it’s made up of independent stainless steel links which are individually welded for maximum strength. Yet due to the comfort of the cushioned side pad and neoprene coated shoulder support, it’s comfortable enough to be worn all day with no restriction of movement. And the adjustable support straps can be easily replaced. The Protector comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. It fits either left or right arms. Ask your sales representative for other styles such as vests, shirts, or split leg aprons. F4-B2020 Mesh Apron, 20” x 20” Recondition your used Safety Gloves and Aprons One of the major cost savings features of Metal Mesh Safety Products is the fact that they can be repaired again and again. For a nominal charge we will fully recondition your used gloves and aprons and return them to you like new. The reconditioning services include replacement of broken rings, replacement of straps, and complete sanitation. These reconditioned garments provide the same superior protection and flexibility as brand new garments a fraction of the original cost. F4-D588 Protective Mesh Sleeve