35 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Survival Emergency Supplies KIT CARE CLASSROOM KIT This kit provides supplies to assist the teacher in the first hour following an emergency. It is not comprehensive, but rather should be considered a supplement to a school’s primary supplies. Packed in a sturdy backpack. 1 First Aid Kit 2 Blankets, Mylar-type 36 Water Pouches, 4.22 oz. 3 Bags, Infectious waste 20 T owelettes, Premoistened 2 Lightsticks, 12-hour 1 Gloves, Leather palm, Pair 3 N95 Masks, Dust 1 Whistle 1 Bar, Nail 15" 1 T ape, Masking KIT CARE PERSONAL BASICS 1 Person, 3 Days This kit is ideal as a starter kit or as a supplement to other kits. Packed in a heavy-duty ziplock bag. 1 Foodbar, 3600 calories 12 Water Pouches, 4.22 oz. 1 Blanket, Mylar-type A1-K1330 Personal Basics (4 lbs.) A1-K1265 Packed in a box. (4 lbs.) A1-K1270 Packed in a waterproof bag. (4 lbs.) KIT CARE EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS 1 Person, 3 Days T errific Kit! You choose container — box or waterproof bag. FIRST AID KIT SANITATION SUPPLIES FOOD & WATER Foodbar, 3600 Calories Water Pouches, 4.22 oz (6) LIGHT, WARMTH & COMMUNICATION Blanket, Mylar-type Lightstick, 12-hour Whistle MRE, “Meals Ready to Eat” Entrees Entrees in a Pouch. Ready to eat, fully pre-cooked. Call for menus. H2-F4300 MRE, Full Meals Contains mixed entrees, side dish, spread, high protein crackers, dessert, drink mix, accessory packet & spoon. H2-F4350 FOOD & WATER Megaphone Approximately 300-yard range, 5-watt, uses 8 "AA" batteries (not included). Volume control. T rigger talk switch. H2-MP100 Blanket, Mylar-type Reflects body heat to you. Compact. Waterproof and windproof. A9-210 Blanket, Wool Blend Heavy weight blanket. Fire retardant. 62"x90". Gray. N5-209 Whistle Plastic whistle with cord. H1-P38P LIGHT, WARMTH & COMMUNICATIONS Cot, Space Saver Comfortable aluminum cot with no end-bar construction. 75"x24". A9-291 CPR Mask Assists the rescuer with ventilation during CPR with a protective barrier. A8-219 Fatality Bag Fabricated of durable 4 mil. plastic. Center zipper. 93"x36". H2-S7410 Hard Hats Complies with ANSI and OSHA requirements. Many colors available. C1-718 Personal Sanitation Kit Includes 1 mini-roll toilet paper, 3 infec - tious waste bags, 12 pre-moistened towelettes, 1 toothbrush/paste set. A1-C2325 Basic A1-C2336 Female kit Shade Structure with Poles 12'x12' canopy. Made of heavy-duty reinforced waterproof rip-stop polyethylene. Rope reinforced edges. Lightweight sectional tubular steel poles. H2-S7160 Shelter, Privacy Heavy duty rip-stop polyethylene, 6'x3'x3' with zipper. Flame retardant. Color: Blue H2-S7200 Stretcher Constructed of durable 3/4" tubing with non-slip handgrips. A space saver- rolls up for easy storage. "22 x 68" fits on most cots. Weighs only 6 lbs. Carry 350 lbs. A9-207 Tarp, 8' x 10' Made of 1000 denier polyethylene laminated on both sides. Waterproof, washable, shrinkproof. A9-S7150 Toilet, Folding T ubular steel legs. Plastic molded seat. Bags are held in place by a removable plastic ring. Folds up. With 6 plastic bags. H2-S7300 Vest, Mesh Orange mesh vest with elastic sides, velcro front and black binding. F8-860 DisposableRespirator N95 mask. (Box of 20) D1-712 Wrench, On-Duty 4-in-One You can shut off gas, shut off water, pry open doors and dig through debris. H2-T8102 MEDICAL, RESCUE, SANITATION & SHELTER KIT CARE SCHOOL PREPAREDNESS KIT CARE “BUILD-YOUR-OWN” A1-K1197 Classroom Kit (15 lbs.) Quantity of 20