www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 34 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Survival Emergency Kits UTILITY TOOLS Pliers, Adjustable 10" Pliers, Linesman 8" Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver, Phillips Knife, Utility RESCUE TOOLS Bar, Wrecking, 24" Saw, Folding, Hand Bolt Cutter, 18" Hammer, 3 lb Hatchet Shovel, Folding T ape, Duct, 2" x 50 yds T ape, Barrier, 3" x 100' Bags, Infectious Waste (6) Webbing, Lanyard, 2" x 20' A1-K1140 T ool Cache in Nylon Bag (24 lbs.) A1-K1145 T ool Cache in Plastic Box (25 lbs.) LIGHTING Flashlight, Anglehead Batteries, Alkaline, D-Cell (2) Lightsticks, 12-hour (2) Lightsticks, Hi-Intensity, 30-minute (2) LIGHT & COMMUNICATION Flashlights, Anglehead (4) Batteries, Alkaline, D-Cell (8) Lightsticks, 12-hour (4) Lightsticks, Hi-Intensity, 30-minute (4) Whistles (4) PERSONAL SAFETY GEAR Hard Hats (4) Gloves, Leather palm, Pair (4) N95 Masks, Dust (12) Goggles, Safety (4) Vests, Plastic orange (4) TOOLS(one of each) T ape, Barrier, 3" x 100 ft Safety Rope, 3/8" x 50 ft Shovel, Folding Pliers, Lock Grip Hammer, 3 lb. Hatchet Wrench, Crescent Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Bar, Wrecking 24" T ape, Duct, 2" x 50 yds Knife, Utility SANITATION Bags, Infectious Waste (4) MISCELLANEOUS T ags, Marker (10) Crayons, Lumber (4) Pens, Marker (4) T ablets (2) First Aid Guide (2) Crate RESCUE EQUIPMENT Flashlight, Anglehead Batteries, Alkaline, D (2) Webbing, Lanyard, 1" x 20 ft Bar, Nail, 15" Whistle T ags, T riage (6) Pen, Marker Lumber Crayon T ablet First Aid Guide PERSONAL SAFETY Hard Hat Goggles, Safety N95 Masks, Dust (3) Gloves, Leather palm, Pair Water Pouches, 4.22 oz (3) MINI-TRAUMA KIT A1-K1150 Rescue Worker’s Pak (8 lbs.) TRAUMA FIRST AID KIT T ape, Medical 2” rolls (2) T ape, T ricut 2” rolls (2) ABD Pads, 5”x9”sterile (20) Multi-T rauma, 10”x30” (2) Gauze Pads, sterile 2”x2” (100) Gauze Pads, sterile 4”x4”(100) Gauze Sponges, 4”x4” (bulk/200) Eye Pads (8) Gauze Rolls, 3” (12) Bandages, Extra Large (25) Bandage, 3” Elastic (2) Bandage, T riangular (5) Bandages, Adhesive, 3”(100) Instant Ice Packs (4) Ammonia Inhalants (1 box) Shears, EMT 7 1/4” Forceps Penlight, Disposable Wipes, Antiseptic (box/100) First Aid Cream (tube) T ourniquet Splints, Arm 18” (2) Non-Aspirin (bottle/100) First Aid Guide T ongue Depressors (10) Gloves, Non-Latex, (10) CPR Masks (2) Emergency Blankets, yellow (5) Blankets, Mylar (5) 4-PERSON RESCUE TEAM Vests, Safety (4) Hard Hats (4) Leather Palm Gloves (4 pair) Goggles (4) N95 Masks, Dust (12) Flashlight (4) Batteries, Alkaline D-cell (8) Whistles (4) Lumber Crayons (4) Lightsticks, 12-hour (8) ENTRY & DEBRIS REMOVAL TOOLS Shovel, D-Grip Fire Ax Hacksaw with Extra Blades Jack, 6-ton Hydraulic T rash Can on Wheels, 45 Gallon Rope, 1/2”x100’ Polyprop. GI Pick Mattox Shovel, Folding Bar, Wrecking, 24” (2) Bolt Cutters, 18” EMERGENCY HAND TOOLS Wrench, Pipe, 14” Wrench, Crescent 10” Screwdriver, Phillips (2) Screwdriver, Slotted (2) Plier Set, 3 piece Hammer, Claw Knife, Utility Chisel Saw, Jab Hammer, 3lb Hatchet OTHER EMERGENCY GEAR Radio AM/FM with batteries T arp 15’x19’ Heavy Duty T ape, Duct, 2” x 50 yds. Lantern and Candles Bag, Utility Nylon T ape, Barrier, 3” Matches, Waterproof 3 Way Can Opener T oilet, Portable with Bags Bucket, Rupture Water Purification T ablets (bottle/50) KIT CARE PERSONAL SAFETY KIT Every rescue worker needs the following items for protection! A1-K1160 Basic Search & Rescue (32 lbs.) KIT CARE MOBILE DISASTER KIT This comprehensive disaster preparedness kit is designed to meet your immedi - ate needs when a major disaster strikes. Following an emergency, there is a good chance that you may be on your own with little or no help from outside agencies. The kit will provide you with first aid supplies for the injured, protective wear for a search team, hand tools for securing utilities, entry and debris removal tools for rescue, plus other essential emergency gear. It is suggested for schools, malls, stores, factories, office buildings, highrises, pub - lic buildings or any occupied structure that could entrap or injure its occupants. All contents fit inside a mobile container. Whistle Hard Hat N95 Mask, Dust (3) Goggles Vest, Plastic Gloves, Leather, 1Pair A1-K1165 (2 lbs.) A1-K1170 Mobile Disaster Kit (78 lbs.) KIT CARE BASIC SEARCH AND RESCUE The essentials in one economical kit; packed in a sturdy, stackable and lockable container. Supplies are designed for a 4-person team. KIT CARE SEARCH & RESCUE KIT CARE RESCUE WORKER’S PAK Utility bag includes basic supplies for one rescue team member. Waist-pak provides “hands free” mobility. KIT CARE RESCUE TOOL CACHE Designed by instructors of search and rescue training. This tool cache provides basic tools for rescue operations. Reinforced nylon case is pictured below. Kit is also available in a sturdy, stackable case.